!~~UGA~~! Unifed Gamers Affect Is Recruiting

Who We Are?

UGA (Unifed Gamers Affect) is Recruiting members for our Halo Reach Squad. This Clan is more like a gaming community for everyone in it. The Squad is UGA DH PS (Double Helix) Run by UGA GAMES OVER. In this gaming community we have a ranking structure so members can rank up and get more power. In UGA we have tournaments, Clan Events : Example -----> Game Nights on Forged Maps And game modes on Halo Reach. On COD MW3 we host different made game modes and quick scopes & infection.

We Like to make sure our members feel like part of the community, not just some number for our clan.

**Leadership in UGA.**

*UGA XiledKnight* ----> Over all leader of UGA. THE BOSS MAN. Part of the council.
*UGA xDeath* -----> Co-Creator and General of DeadLords Squad, Part of the council.
*UGA GAMES OVER* --> Co-Creator and General of UGA DH PSPart of the council.
*UGA VACANT* ------> Manager of UGA Part of the council

Feel free to message any of these people if you would like to get more info on UGA and/or Join. You may join whatever Squad you wish, but it is recommended that if you wish to join that you join UGA DH PS, because that our halo reach squad in UGA for the time being. if this UGA DH PS squad is popular we will open new one for other recruits and loyal members of UGA.

Rank Setup

Link to Ranking page. |>>-- http://www.gameraffect.com/pages/info --<<|

The Basic rank you join with is PVT Which is Private. Here is what the ranks are.

Private: First stage of Recruitment
-Partake in UGA fun and try to go to as much events as possible

Corporal: Advanced Recruit stage
-2 recruits
-Attended atleast 1 event
-Signed up on www.gameraffect.com

Sergeant: Dedicated Member
-Has put UGA in the begining of your gamertag
-Master Sergeant: Ready for staff position
-5 recruits
-Attended 2 squad events
-knows how a squad operates

-Knows CoC
-familiar on ranks
-5 recruits
-Attended 3 squad events

-10 recruits
-Knows the ranking structure
-Assisted in 1 squad event with a Captain
-Attended 5 squad events

-15 recruits
-Hosted 5 squad events as a captain
-Knows all the requirements for promotions
-15 people approve of you being a General including a Founder.

**CoC and Squads**

We also have a Code of Conduct, So that way everyone in the gaming community is treated fairly and people outside of the gaming community. We also have GCA's (Gaming community allies) with other clans/Gaming community's so we have have fun together and play online. IF you are interested in checking our Gaming community out please go to this website and make a name. We have approve you within 12 hours. (|) http://www.gameraffect.com (|)

UGA DeadLords PS --- Ran by UGA xDeath &gt; CAll OF DUTY SQUAD &gt; over looked by UGA XiledKnight


UGA DH PS --- Ran by UGA GAMES OVER &gt; HALO REACH SQUAD &gt; over looked by UGA XiledKnight 

_**Code of Conduct**_

1. UGA maintains a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, or harassment of any kind. 

2. Leaders of UGA are responsible for organizing all aspects of the community: This includes meetings, game nights, practices, tournaments, etc. 

3. UGA is a family, and members will look after one another as such, in order to keep the positive environment that we have here. 

4. UGA entertains an 'Open Door' policy, meaning at any time a member can approach a leader for any issues, ideas, questions, or complaints without fear of punishment, ridicule, or retribution of any sort. 

5. Members are encouraged to change their Gamertags to start with UGA as soon as possible, but it is not required in order to be a UGA member. 

6. UGA members are to have fun while playing games, but also must represent UGA in the best possible light, and must act maturely while dealing with other gamers. 

7. You may only be a part of one gaming community at a time, so if you are in the UGA organization, you may not be a part of any other clan, community, etc. 

8. Members must sign up on all UGA websites to ensure an active and positive gaming environment. 

9. All UGA members must meet the minimum age requirement to join (14 or older). 13 year old's are allowed at general’s discretion.


Info and Such

If you would like to join and Don’t want to join halo reach Squad, then we have other Squads you can join. So far since we are only 4-5 weeks old we have 2 Squads and 80+ members, 35+ members who changed their name. You do not have to change your name, but it is recommeded to rank up in the gaming community and have a better sense of pride and loyal in UGA.


This Gaming Community is top notch, Some of the best leaders on the xbox are in this. We have our own website, and everyone’s voice is heard. Unified Gamer affects: We all have the desire to win, how bout you? Are you tired of regular gaming communities? tired of getting screwed out of your rank? I was and thats why I created UGA, Join Today!

Over the past couple weeks we have been resorting out the clan for Halo with new leadership and better things to do: The meeting are taking place now friday 8:30 est hosted by me, and GameNight after the meeting and on a weekend day when i invite everyone. We have entered into a member cap of over 90+ and are hoping for over 100+members within the week.
If you wanna join msg me here on or XBL GT : UGA GAMES OVER