UFA Military Based Clan: Recruiting

The United Forces of Armageddon (UFA) was established on May 29, 2014. Members from the United Colonies Federation (UCF) broke off from the corrupt and dying government to create a better clan. We are a strict, military-based clan with four leaders, known as the Horsemen. We have four leaders so one leader does not abuse his power. We currently have three branches open: The Armed Forces, The Guardians, and The Ghost Division.

The Armed Forces: Standard ground forces. Default branch for all new recruits. Head Horseman - MinuteMan34

The Guardians: Protect the Field Marshals and the Horsemen. You have to have at least 1500 more kills than deaths to be considered for the Guardians and rank up to Sergeant General in the Armed Forces. Head Horseman - Bad 2 teh bon3

The Ghost Division: The elite branch where members specialize in a weapon or vehicle group. Has four regiments - The Optimal Deployment Sniper Team (O.D.S.T.), The Incendiary Regiment (specialize in explosives and heavy weaponry), The Cavalry (specialize in all vehicles), and The Specters (specialize in stealth and reconnaissance). You have to rank up to Sergeant General in the Armed Forces then meet the requirements of the regiment you decide to join. Head Horseman - Big Al 1300

The UFA is expected to open the Marines soon. The Marines will specialize in close quarters combat, capturing objectives, and defending critical positions during clan engagements. Head Horseman - APACHE PRIDE 69

Requirements for joining: You have to be fourteen years old or older. You have to have a headset mic (preferably no Kinect mics). You have to speak fluent English. Also, if you do not like taking orders or following rules from people over Xbox, then this clan is not for you. You will have to change your armor, your armor color, and your service tag. You will not have to change your gamertag, your motto, or your bio. We play a lot of matchmaking, custom games, and even Spartan Ops.

Our mission: Here in the UFA, we want to make all of our members better Halo 4 players. You will get top of the line training by some of the game’s best players. If you are already a great Halo 4 player, then you may eventually help train other clan members in the weapon class that you operate best. The UFA provides a supportive atmosphere that will allow our members to flourish as a player.

What we offer: The UFA has a partnership with the Top of the Leaderboard (TotL) clan. TotL has YouTube channels set up for the clans they are “sponsoring.” What this means is they will upload any video game content for their partners for free. For example, you’ve got a sick triple kill that you think is really good, TotL will capture and upload that clip to YouTube for a lot of people to see.

The recruitment process: First, message KrucialKilla19 via Xbox LIVE. They are the field marshals of the Armed Forces and Ghost Division respectively. They are authorized to take you through boot camp to test your loyalty to the clan. Boot camp consists of simple obstacles that every Halo player needs to know how to do. Following boot camp, you will receive the uniform that you will be expected to wear while you are on duty. You will then attend basic training for one to two weeks (depending on how quickly you progress) for analysis by the horsemen and field marshals. If you cause three disciplinary issues while in basic training, you will be removed from the clan no questions asked. No one is exempt from basic training unless told otherwise by the four horsemen. Once you graduate from basic training, you will receive your first rank and will then be eligible for promotions within the Armed Forces.

How to get promotions: You will be promoted when you successfully lead your team to victory in matchmaking games three times (does not have to be in a row). Every time you get promoted, your wins reset and the number of wins needed to get your next promotion increases by one. Wins will be vacated if your teammates feel you did not give enough orders or did not successfully organize the team.

Transferring to a new branch: If you decide to transfer to a different branch, your rank is reset, and you will have to begin the promotion process again. You will not have to repeat boot camp or basic training (though some regiments within the Ghost Division do have specialized basic training for new members within the branch).

Resigning from the clan: If you decide the UFA is not for you, please contact a horseman and tell him you are leaving instead of leaving us high and dry. WARNING: If you resign from the clan, you will not be allowed to re-enter the clan at any point.

Social media: The UFA has social media outlets that will allow you to keep up with the clan easily. Be sure to follow us on:
Twitter - @UFA_HALO4
Instagram - @unitedforcesofarmageddon

Multimedia: The UFA is also in the process of setting up accounts and equipment for live streaming via twitch.tv and posting videos to YouTube. More information regarding multimedia will be posted once everything is set up.

I hope you will consider the United Forces of Armageddon as your new clan home. Thank you for your time.


Hey I’m from the AWV, another Halo 4 military Clan except we’re based off the Covenant’s military structure unlike most of the clans we came across. Anyways, we recently formed a republic known as the Republic of the Ark (RA) and was wondering if you were interested. If you guys aren’t active right now, but you want to get things going again that’s fine too. We initially created the Republic to help other new/ smaller clans grow strong in numbers or help them as needed. If you want to know more you can just message me on
xbox live: AWV Kamehameha. Thank you for reading this and I hope you’d like to join the republic.

~AWV Kamehameha: Sage and 2nd Kaidon