UE4 Error code "Hung"

About a month ago I was having constant game crashes and blue screen (Videos_Scheduler_Internal_Error) crashes that were caused by my faulty GPU. I had it replaced under warranty about a month ago and I have had no blue screen problems since then and MCC crashes a lot less, but it still crashes with the same error which is something along the lines of “UE4 loss of connection to D3D device" with error code: Hung.

Now when I tried to run the game using the CPUs built in graphics when the GPU was being replaced the game would run, but would occasionally get the error code crash.

Since the new GPU seemed to fix the constant game and blue screen crashes I do not believe it to be the problem. I am wondering is it possible that the game is trying to either use both the the GPU and CPU for graphics and that is causing the crash or they are just trying to use the CPU?

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 Desktop 2200 with built in Radeon Vega graphics