UA/DEMING and UA/HAMPUS are the exact same shoulder pieces!

Are you freaking kidding me? I hopped on to take a look at the Shadow Sorel coating and decided to take a look at the shoulders. That’s when I suddenly noticed that the UA/HAMPUS (season 1 store item) is the exact same shoulder as UA/DEMING (season 2 store item). The only difference is that DEMING is bigger. It has the exact same geometry! You cannot be serious right? You actually just sold the same freaking piece of armor? Just bigger? Freaking really 343i?! This is why I will not buy anything. Because of stupid stuff like this.

They look sorta similar, but there are visual differences. I don’t think the intention was to copy and paste.

The hampus has a sleeker design while the deming is a bit bulkier.

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Dude there’s a billion differences! Just continue to consume product


I think the intention was to create enough points of difference so that they can say its a new model whilst reusing an exisiting one with minor alterations to justify its inclusion.

This is substantially easier to do than creating an entirely new asset, and is effective reuse. I myself am not overly upset about it because its in the BP, but I absolutely understand the complaints.

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Honestly, I don’t even think the intention was to create something new, but to create an alternative look of the pad.

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I was looking at that, kinda funny as well but rather use UA/Viator because it actually looks better

The visual differences are less than 10%. The only difference is the bottom and it’s not even that much of a change. Other than one being bigger than the other there’s virtually no difference between the two.

Heck they used the same square detail bit at the top. Basically nothing is changed other than the very bottom centerpiece and that’s just ridiculous.

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To each their own I guess.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on stuff like this.

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Oh I’m not holding my breath. I’m adamantly using it to point things out and alert people to ridiculous stuff like this.

Yeah I noticed this as well.

And yet, Sean W just made a video where he bought it. Lol. Some peoples children…

Just wait till you see what they do with the reach shoulders… Also, not sure if anyone else has noticed this but, almost all of the shoulders in the battle pass are deliberately lower than the ones in the store, they all look like large arm pads that don’t actually cover the shoulder, its some real subliminal level shyte

edit: wow it looks like they just hit enlarge lmfao
tbh tho a ton of them look very similar, the ones you named are by far the worst tho.


Im pretty sure you’re right, the big one looks nice, but if they want to do this maybe add a slider for certain shoulders to adjust size and position?

I think that is/was kind of a problem with most of the shoulderpads in Season 1. They all seemed to stick low on the arm in a funny way and not be completely centered on the shoulder. This seems to be better with many of the Season 2 shoulders but many of the Reach ones are low and small.

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I find that the new big ones in the bp are oddly low, the Deming one specifically. I feel like if this sat just a little higher on the arms it would be much more appealing -especially since its one of the only chonky shoulders available for that core.

I also posted about the helmets looking off here:

Lmk if you have also noticed this at all.

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