Types of grenades

Hello, Guys can you help me? do you know if will be more of two types of grenades? in previous scans i looked in the images 4 types of grenades, but in the MLG videos only have two grenades :(, what are you know about this? It is all, Thanks :slight_smile:

In the HUD there’s 3 empty slots, and these are the grenade slots, so there’s 3 type of grenades. Probably Frag Grenade, Plasma Grenade, and a third Forerunner/Promethean grenade. Since spike and incendiary are both Brute tech, they won’t be in Halo 4 unless they just reskin them as promethean. There are so many possibilities its hard to speculate what it might be.

I hadan idea of a promethean teleport grenade that would teleport you to the spot thrown, as the Promethean Knights do. Then throwing distance would be the shortest of the 3 grenades as not to make it unbalanced.

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I’ve seen those scans two. It looked like 4 slots, but the demo build at E3 only had 2. I’d assume there will be frag, sticky, a Forerunner grenade, and either a new UNSC grenade or a totally different grenade from a possible new class of enemies.

a mlg player who played halo 4 said that while he was playing spartan ops he threw a grenade that was not frag or plasma and it was orange so its probably a promethean/forerunner grenade