Two Warzone Boss Kill Suggestions

I have two ideas for calculating boss kills in warzone:

Method A: Hide the health bar and then when the boss dies, whichever team did the most damage gets the kill. It would prevent kill steals and also prevent one team from running away after doing a large amount of damage since they wouldn’t be able to see their progress.

Method B: This one has been suggested by others, but I like it so, what if we just split the req points based on damage done? So if each team did half the damage to the warden, each team would get 75 points. Only problem I see with this is that it could drag out games a bit more. Although, it would prevent frustrating last minute losses when your team has been in the lead for the majority of the match but couldn’t pull far enough away.

each team should have 2 health bars quickest team to take him down gets it