Two Unfortunate Truths Tactical Slayer Proves

Today I spent some time playing tactical slayer on both my PC and Xbox Series X. During this time I came across two inevitable truths.

  1. The aiming mechanics and aim assist are just completely inconsistent no matter which platform you’re playing on. The feeling of past Halo’s just isn’t there. There is something fundamentally wrong at the core of this game that just feels off. I have a theory the issue lies with controller latency input and how long it take for the game to recognize the input you’re giving. Either way something is just off.

  2. Cheating is running rampant without an anti-cheat. It’s extremally easy to notice cheaters in Tactical Slayer as they will just 180 snap lock on to your head in a split second as well a pre-fire corners as they track you through walls. If a F2P Halo is to survive long term an anti-cheat is of the up most priority.

I have faith 343 will address these issues. Halo Infinite is by far their best Halo to date. Even with all it’s small issues. I wish it was possible for me to give detailed explanation’s of what I’m experiencing and provide solutions but unfortunately I do not have the game design education to do so.


Have you messed around with the controller settings btw? The default settings are known to be horrible and need adjusting.


Oh yeah, I’ve found the settings that work for me as of this moment. Enough to barley hit Onyx in ranked. But in general aiming just feels off. Especially compared to previous Halo’s by 343.


I am a long term halo player, halo 2 and 3 are probably my most played video games of all time. Halo 4 didn’t get my attention and I came back for infinite and all I can say is I completely agree with you on the subject or something with the aiming is off. I consider myself fairly above average player, I still play master chief collection to this day and whenever I hop on to play a game of h2a or any other games I dominate and aiming is on point. Infinite it seems like something is off compared to other halos but can’t exactly point it out. Some games I can go off with a 2/1 KD and some games I BOMB.


They toned down aim assist drastically in favour of bringing the pc and xbox competitive community together. Half the time it feels good. However I notice when I get up close to an enemy aim assist just shuts off completely


That’s where my theory of input based latency comes in. I too consider myself above average having played every Halo. And I too dominate on previous Halo titles. I’ve had games on Infinite where my connection just feels god tier and I absolutely destroy. Then I’ve had games where it feel like I have a 1-2 second delay on hit registration.

I have also played with a base XSX controller and two different scuf controllers. One of which was a PS4 controller supported by steam. And every controller feels different. Completely. To be honest the PS4 controller actually felt better. But the base Xbox controller felt more responsive. It’s hard to explain but something is definitely off.


ITS BEEN SEVEN YEARS SINCE YOU POSTED?! You should have saved it for like a reallllllly good post.


Why does time between posts matter? I’m addressing a issue I feel needs to be fixed. Maybe for 7 years I haven’t had a complaint about halo and now that they released a new game I’m interested in, I feel the need to give feedback. I don’t see how posting time has anything to do with the issue.


The forum automatically put a notice over your post that it was the first time you’d posted in 7 years, which is probably why they mentioned it.

But yeah, aiming has been whack since the flights, and hasn’t really changed any.


There are ways to optimize controller latency I would recommend looking into those as a short term solution.

But I think the issue has more to do with internet latency than input latency. There’s something weird and visibly inconsistent with the ping. In some cases, drastic shifts within the match itself which make it seem like a peer-to-peer connection at times.

While I agree an anticheat must be implemented (ai learning doesn’t seem to cut it), I don’t think it’s as rampant as players claim it to be.

Especially in SWAT where the headshot multiplier is overpowering, it’s going to seem like some players are employing unfair advantages. This has always been the case.

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I’d say the bigger problem SWAT exposes is that the netcode in this game is a dumpster fire on top of a train wreck… you get shot behind walls or have your shots register late all the time.

It feels almost as bad as OG Halo 3 / Reach did on P2P connections.


My experience is similar; if in Ranked I’m 1v1 and we both hit 3 BR shots to clear shields; it can take forever to find that final headshot if you’re quite close together. If it was a conscious decision for AA to disengage when your shields are gone then fine; I can work with that - but it doesn’t seem intentional.

I haven’t played Tactical Slayer yet but hope the lack of shields doesn’t leave you with this issue throughout. Would be good practice though I suppose


I was saying SWAT basically confirms what people have been suspicious of this entire time. And while I’d like to believe it’s not as bad as people say when you’re at Onyx level like I am it’s pretty bad. There is also plenty of video evidence floating around. In fact in this video I linked a guy is explaining the new updates for Cronus Zen which is a very popular mod pack that work on controller and M&K.

From what I’ve tested in custom games aim assist is strong if standing completely still. Once moving it becomes almost unnoticeable or about half the power. If you lose shields you will also lose aim assist completely. Sometimes it’ll return and sometimes it wont. Aim assist also turns off when firing your weapon. Basically it only works when moving or standing completely still.


I play Swat a lot. Trust me when I say that the cheating is out of hand.


I felt that the aiming felt more like CoD than Halo…I have gotten used to it, buy I am way more erratic in this game than I have ever been in a Halo game. I can not quite put my finger on why.


Yup. I am a fairly high level swat player (50 in H3, hit champ in h5) and so far in Infinite I am seeing a cheater in about one out of every 4 or 5 games.

I think SWAT might be unplayable in this game due to the cheaters and the terrible netcode. The hit detection feels worse than even something like H2 classic in the MCC currently…


I’m guessing all these problems are why 343 didn’t want to add it to the game yet. It just magnifies the underlying problems in the game.


it’s because of the increased mobility of the player would be my guess. We have slides, grapples, dash-abilities, etc. target speeds are inconsistent and requires a more erratic playstyle to be effective than in previous halos. partly why i can’t play more than a couple matches before getting frustrated and shutting it off.

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And 3. It shows how bad the desync issue really is. I’ve completely around a corner and still die even though I’m not in the line of sight.


Honestly that’s why I try to keep myself in Gold. Sucks but I will purposely do bad in ranked to stay lower level. That way when I have to knock out ranked challenges I’m in easy lobbies.

But my -Yoink!- accidently dropped platinum 1 today … so I gots to go do some negative KD work lol

I prefer not to play ranked but the challenges call for it and I’m not play Ng for challenge swaps.

Used my last 5 to try and get rid of ranked ones and it just kept switching it to other ranked ones.

Like 343 should see that playing ranked shouldn’t be part of the challenges that in itself should remain an exclusive thing outside the challenges.

It kinda feels like making rank part of the challenges kinda screws the players who want tomato ranked and move up and get stuck with ransoms. Cus those randoms maybe need ranked catpure the flag and will dip out to reload and see if they can get that mode.