Two Types of Breakout

So a couple of months ago I made a post about bringing back the original breakout mode. The SMG, Magnums, no shields, and the original maps. Breakout was my absolute favorite mode during the beta and the launch of Halo 5. This mode was amazing to play because it was very competitive and raised your blood pressure, the current breakout is fun but I feel like with shotguns and shields it made it less competitive. But I’m not saying get rid of the current breakout because there are still some fans who really love it. I’m begging 343I to make another playlist for the original breakout. They could do either one of these options: add breakout 2.0 to the social playlist and then put OG Breakout in ranked so it splits them up or simply add OG Breakout with Breakout 2.0 to the ranked playlist. Who else would be interested in bringing the original breakout game mode and maps back?

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