Two slots open for Spartan Delta Team...

So I know I made a post before but nobody responded unless I posted in another thread where the OP is looking for a clan.

Anyway, I started up a group for Heroic-LASO Campaign, Spartan Ops, and Matchmaking. And fitch 140 and I are the only 2 members in the team. I’m Delta 1, the Leader, and fitch 140 is Delta 2, which is the Second in Command and Sniper. Originally the Second in Command person was also a medic but I did some rearranging with the positions to make Delta 2 a Second in Command person and the Sniper, I made Delta 2 a Medic and a Second in Command person because Medic is not even a position in games that aren’t Reach, Reach is the only Halo that I know of where a player can be a medic. Please post here if you want to be either Delta 3, and Delta 4, and send me a friend request (Xbox Live friend request).

EDIT: I made Delta 3 just a Heavy Weapons Specialist and Delta 4 a Demolitions Expert. So nobody is an actual Medic anymore.

Delta 3: Heavy Weapons Specialist.

Delta 4: Demolitions Expert.

And PLEASE have a mic, I don’t have one yet, but will eventually, it’s just so we can communicate easily.
And I’m not trying to spam.

delta 3

> delta 3

Okay, your now the Heavy Weapons Specialist of the team.

Delta 4 is currently an unavailable position right now, I’m asking Riot Rojas if he wants to be part of the team.