Two Requests for MCC

Seeing as this is likely MCC’s last year of development, I’d like to make two requests for MCC that would help make the game a little bit more enjoyable. I’m not sure exactly how feasible these are, but I want to put this out there to hopefully be seen by 343, and ideally to be put on their to-do list.

  1. Please allow players to earn season points by leveling up after level 100. I know that it’s this way because season points weren’t really needed after tier 100 of Season 1, but now there are 8 seasons and it’s still impossible to earn season points by levelling up past level 100, which makes levelling up less meaningful. It also makes unlocking things from the various seasons much more of a grind, as you can only earn a certain number of season points per week from challenges. Along with this change, players who have surpassed level 100 should be given the amount of season points they would’ve earned by leveling up. For example, if a player is level 200, they should be given 100 season points for progressing 100 levels past 100.

  2. Please convert the Exchange into a store (no microtransactions) where any item not available in a season is available for purchase with season points at any time. There are many items that are exclusive to the Exchange, and any future content will also likely be exclusive to it. Currently, 3-4 items rotate in and out of the Exchange every week, with each item costing a fair few season points. Considering that 343 makes no money off of season points or the Exchange, I see no reason why it should remain in this form, seeing as it was likely introduced in it’s current form as a test for Halo Infinite’s shop. With Infinite having been out for 6 months now, it would be great to see the current FOMO method of “get it now or you may never see it again” be replaced with a permanent store (again, no microtransactions) where players can spend their hard-earned season points on whatever they want, whenever they want.

  3. I’d like to bring up the Rhine armor set for a moment; it was introduced as an Exchange-exclusive bundle several seasons ago, and when Season 8 was released, it was replaced with a different bundle. To my knowledge, no part of the Rhine armor set has been rotated into the Exchange since Season 8, and as such has been impossible to obtain since then. This could be easily remedied by converting the Exchange into a permanent season point store where everything is always available.

My apologies if this comes across as rambling, or if this has been discussed to death in the past, but these are the two biggest issues I’ve had with MCC post-Reach, and I want to do what I can to see these issues remedied.


i’m all for the exchange chair you recommended. i’d rather have access to all the non season items to choose from rather than having to wait months for a single item

  1. Season points are useless. Anything they unlock has no bearing upon the outcome of whatever game you happen to be in.
  2. The Exchange is also useless. Any item obtained from it will not help the player in any way.
  3. The Rhine armor will not actually protect you from anything, in fact a default spartan in-game is equivalent to an “armored” one.

Don’t waste your time attempting to acquire these these things, they have no purpose.

The Master Chief Collection has a really broken economy: If you played on a per-season basis, then you’re unnecessarily rich with points. If you didn’t, then the only way to get everything is a continuous and discouraging grind. Points past 100 will be good and necessary, but I also think they should be unlocked though playlists too to cater for new players playing Halo for the first time.

As for people like me who have way more points than they’d ever need, we just need two more Seasons, man. I know they said it was planned for 8 to be the last, but with how garbage distribution of content is, adding visors and skins to Reach, 2, and 2: Anniversary would go so far without requiring as much work as most of the other seasons (akin to the first one for Combat Evolved). Heck, a DLC bundle for 2: Anniversary that comes with maps and an exclusive season would be awesome. Not to mention all the weapons without skins while Halo 3’s Assault Rifle and Battle Rifle have more than necessary.

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You have a lot of recent posts making these same comments.

What negative effect is there if someone decides they do want to earn these rewards?


There are no rewards to be had - anything a player unlocks is useless. Having any particular item has no negative implications other than the time and effort spent to obtain them. They offer no positives.

if you equip the rhine armor, the opponents will always be visible on your radar


Just ignore the troll, you can explain it to him, but he will not listen