Two new noticeable bugs the patch created

Since the patch earlier I’ve already ran into two new bugs, c****reated entirely by the patch itself, which are pretty noticeable. I wanted to make this forum to see how many others are experiencing the same thing, or other bugs I haven’t seen yet.

Black screen for background - Randomly upon quitting or ending a game (both matchmaking and campaign), or sometimes when pressing B to just go to the main menu/game selection screen, the background (planets and space and all) suddenly goes all black. It remains all black until either I quit out and restart the game, or sometimes I’ve seen it come back after another game ends.

Campaign total score value/time display is gone - The other really annoying bug I’ve noticed is that in campaign missions (through both campaign itself and playlists) the score, or time, doesn’t show anymore. I see the values of points I’m getting each kill, along with the correct medals, but the total score display is just completely gone. Like come on 343, your last patch made it so we couldn’t see the point values or medals per kill, which took a week to fix, and now we can’t even see the score total or time.

Game freezing, making buzzing sound, and crashing - Also I’m seeing a lot of people just now saying their game suddenly freezes and crashes - freezing in place and making a loud buzzing sound (I think it’s some kind of millisecond long sound loop) for a few seconds then crashing - usually at the end of matches. This has been happening to me repeatedly for the past 2 weeks or so, but apparently now more than ever for others.

Anyways, anyone else getting this? Anything else I haven’t seen yet? The content update/patch that came out around 2 weeks ago also introduced entirely new bugs, both for campaign and matchmaking, and I can’t believe they would make that mistake again. Soon enough it’s gonna be one month since release, and I’m not sure if it’s really even gotten much better…

Try this and see if it works for you. It probably won’t fix the campaign scoring issues, but it has definitely made things more stable for me and a few others:

Okay cool thanks, I was looking at that earlier actually. If it really gets bad, I’ll give it a try for sure and see how it works

I’m having the same problem in campaign. No score or time showing. Shows points for kills but no hud score or time display. Competitive score and time show in hud. Competitive score for par score achievement sucks. Competitive time doesn’t matter for par time achievement.