Two new forge maps up!

Hey guys, i’ve put some work into the forge side of things recently, and I’ve come up with two maps I think will be of interest to the community. Both created on Ravine, The first being Survival, and the second being Revival. Despite the names being similar, they are completely different.

Survival is a 4v4 Slayer map with a red and blue base, a man cannon at each base, a few mongeese =p and a banshee each, two standard hogs and a Gauss Hog center-field. It runs well with two good teams, the vehicles traverse across the map smoothly, the banshee’s aren’t OP thanks to some timely weapon spawns, and the drops become a little more ‘serious’ as the game progresses.

The center structure is just -Yoink!-! But I’ll let you guys figure it out when you take a look.

Will be available in my fileshare this Sunday.

The second Map is Revival.

Revival is a symetrical map, with some high set and low set buildings. Lots of ground level cover breaking LoS between bases and some nice ‘duck and cover’ areas along the centre. Currently set for 4v4 and 3v3, but soon will have it set for ffa and possibly a modified version for ctf if there is demand.

Set up more for an MLG gametype, but not limited to it.

This will be available in my fileshare by sunday also.

I will be releasing several custom games with Gametypes and a massive dominion/trench wars map in the coming weeks. All have been running in customs for about a month now and have been quite popular =)

Note: My Gamertag is OneSpartanArmy - Just check my fileshare for new and exciting things!

I got five symmetrical maps download them GT DARMAN IRL

I’ll check it out!
Maps hitting the fileshare now, sorry for the delay. I’m in north east Aus, we had some serious flooding =/