Two matches of Turbo in a row without REQs

Well, today is already off to a crappy start. I just got done playing two matches of Warzone Turbo and both times, not only were they join-in progress matches, but the reqs would go to level 9 but they would stay empty the whole match so I can use loadout weapons like the DMR but for some reason it wouldnt let me pick my perks. (I was always under the impression those were rank based liek loadout weapons and dont take energy. So I’m confused why I couldnt spawn with my splinter grenades) as for power weapons, vehicles or power-ups…I jsut couldnt use them because my reqs wouldnt fill properly.
Fortunately the first match we were playing against players who were either dealing with the same issues or were just new to the game. The second match I got roflstomped by Answers, spankrs, lasers, banshees, you know all the fun stuff I COULDNT SPAWN WITH!

anyone else deal with this at all?

Yep, it’s a bug especially on the one meridian map to which the name of it escapes me.

I always have this problem with a join in progress match. The reqs normally fill up for me going to the next level but thats the problem with turbo