Two Maps, Two Gametypes

So. A while back I created a map and Gametypes I called Monster ball. It’s not original, as I based it off of a mod for an ancient game called Descent 3: Retribution. I basically copied the mod. I remember that it was pretty unique, and a lot of fun. Do I reincarnated it in Halo.

The problem? It needs play testing. So does my latest creation: Gooseball, it’s kinda like Skee Ball, only with mongooses and teams.

Both need play testing, the more people in a play, the better. I’d like to try to get some actually good comments on them.

Considering I can’t post links on Waypoint yet, you’ll have to locate them in game. Just add my gamertag (Freakster90) as a search tag, it’ll pop up. Two maps, two Gametypes, the maps are intended to be used with the Gametypes .

Why post here instead of the a submission thread? I didn’t really think either of these fit in any category in the submission thread topic.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated.