Two maps after 6 months? Let's do the math

When the update comes out, if 343 adds two new maps, that will place that game at a total (including the BTB maps) of 12 maps. 12.

Just to be clear, Halo: CE which came out over twenty years ago, had 19 maps.

At this rate, assuming they release another two maps every 6 months, the game will have 18 maps once it’s been out for two entire years. It will only surpass Halo: CE after having been out for two and a half years.

And this is supposed to be encouraging? These maps are mediocre, inside-the-box, bland, and often unbalanced (i.e. Behemoth has already been removed from ranked because it’s so unbalanced and empty). And yet even with that lazy design, the best they can do after 6 months of the game being out is two more? When the game launched with just over half of what the first game in the series had?!

It just keeps getting more disappointing.


How long did it take CE to have all 19 maps?

A little under two years to get up to 19; at launch, though, it already had 14, four more than Infinite and as many as Infinite will have after a year, at this rate.

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Infinite will be at 24 maps 2 years from now, IF, they only release 2 maps per season.
They could do 2-3, who knows.
The rate is just fine

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Uh, check your math pal…

Currently, 10 maps.
Season 2 (6 months) = 12 maps.
Season 3 (1 Year) = 14 maps [as many as Halo: CE had at launch]
Season 4 (1.5 Years) = 16 maps
Season 5 (2 Years) = 18 maps [still less than Halo: CE]
Season 6 (2.5 Years) = 20 maps
Season 7 (3 Years) = 22 maps
Season 8 (3.5 Years) = 24 maps

It would take 3.5 years or 3 years from now, to have 24 maps. Not 2.

And that’s assuming they actually release 2 maps every season for 8 seasons. I’m doubtful of even that, considering all the other stuff that’s been delayed.

Normal seasons last 3 months, that is not half a year.
Get YOUR math right


A lot can change in 20 years.

You don’t necessarily need a bunch of new maps to keep people interested in the game. Not to say there’s much keeping people playing as it is.

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They’re evidently not doing that, as it has already been over 3 months and they’re launching season 2 probably in May, which makes it 6 months. And regardless that literally has no effect on how many maps they make; if it took them 6 (really 7) months from launch to make 2 more maps, then based on that math, it’ll take them just as long to make the next two, putting it at 2 maps every 6 months.

Maybe think about what actually makes sense instead of just some random arbitrary term.

I mean, personally I think it’s the biggest reason that the game is boring af and losing tons of players right now. There’s so few maps, and the maps that do exist are bland and uncreative, so people are sick of playing after barely even starting.

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Yeah, as he said, this isn’t a normal season. A normal season is supposed to last 3 months. Pretty sure they said that a couple times (I guess they could go back on that though)


Never mind the maps, WTH is everything else that should be in this right now?

Seriously, if what has been said is true about how broken their engine is. This game is in lot more deep sh** then 343 will admit, and their fans that defend them will won’t to face.

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They said before the game launched that S1 was being delayed.
Seriously, you should stop while you’re ahead

It didn’t take them 6 months to make 2 maps, they just are sandbagging seasonal updates.