Two many Dynamo Grenades

I feel like there are two many Dynamo Grenades on the battlefield like Im ok with there being stun vehicle counters honestly still wish the plasma pistol could stun like in the past games.

Like everytime im in a ghost or warthog and get hit with one Dynamo Grenades its stuns for so long its basically insta death.

Id suggest either a shorter stun so people actually use both Grenades and gives people in vehicles a chance to get away or put less in a match both would also be welcomed just feels less fun to hop in a vehicle knowing you will be stunned and watch yourself get blown up every time.


“Can’t stand the electricity?
Get out of the executioner’s chair.”

Dynamo Grenades rock and are fun to use. Why are we limited to only 2 Dynamo Grenades per Grenade slot?
I could easily play multiplayer with 4 Dynamo Grenades and never pickup any other type of Grenade.


I made a post awhile ago about changes i thought would help Infinite. One of them was making dynamo grenades have to have direct contact to stun a vehicle and upon that contact its destroyed so it would function just like a plasma pistol charge used to. Not only that but get rid of the shock rifle. That thing counters vehicles way way way too easily. There are so many easy ways to destroy vehicles on top of maps being designed to severely limit their movements. Its sad to see vehicles in such a poor state. I miss social big team heavies from H3 on Sandtrap and Valhalla. Most fun ive ever had in Halo.


That sounds like completely changing the game mechanics to suit your style instead of adapting or building on what has been created.

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The Palpatines are :raised_hands: :zap: :zap: :zap:

Dynamo grenades are fun.

I’m fine with out they function, but they’re basically the Power Drain from H3 which was crazy busted. Now you can carry two of them and many times, there’s 4+ of them on a BTB map and they usually aren’t even in highly contested spots. Even just a longer respawn would do wonders.


this is basic tactic in any shooter more to stun the vehicles and kill the driver and gunner.
the key more is to learn from it and try not to get hit by then at all and not get stun at all.

then people going to complain that vehicles are to over power if the stun is to short.
and if there are less vehicles on the map is it not fun at all to play on the large maps at all since there is a lot off room for a lot off vehicles on it.

Yeah because vehicles are basically unusable right now. There are too many easy no skill counters to them that are readily available on every map. Not to mention they are extremely limited to where they can actually drive by the terrain do that adds to how easy they are to avoid and counter. Its almost never worth it to get in a vehicle outside of a wasp. Halo big team used to be way more vehicle focused and i think that is when Halo is at its most fun.

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Here’s the thing about “lobbing” weapons: You can use them from behind cover and over hills. Essentially, a player can throw a dynamo at a driver and stun them without the driver ever getting a chance to see them (and by extension shoot them). Compare that to the Plasma Pistol which required a direct line of sight and a reasonable amount of proximity to your target to be effective. And the charge-up/overheat prevented it from being spammable.

Even the Grenade Launcher’s alt-fire required some skill to release the trigger at the right moment. The dynamos are fire and forget.

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you can do that but the question is then will it hit the target if you cant see it where it is if you are cover behind something.
since you need to trow the dynamo grenade on the right time if you wane stun the vehichle.

for the ghost you got problems with it.
but with the warthog you have alway’s the gunner that can still do his job and try to kill him.

only problem with the plasma pistol EMP is that it has a lock-on target and the blast is following the target.
so the driver has almost no chance with it also only there got a chance if the blast what is following him hits a rock or something then the driver has more luck.

and this is also something i forgot to add also.
the OP complains only if he is the driver from the vehichle but forget that he then also gets the same thing if the other enemy players are the driver.

and still its a basic thactic in shooters.
same with the plasma pistol EMP use it on the enemy spartan to destroy his shield and hit a few time’s with the other gun is also a basic tactic.
and people have also complain about that also in the older halo game’s that some people use that type basic tactic to defeat then easy.

I agree somewhat, the random selection is a huge problem. Random Grenade spawn every game just about different same with weapons and vehicles. Doesn’t make sense given 343 try’s to focus on balance gameplay.

To many shocks and ultimately I think they realized this and that’s why plasma pistols don’t stun vehicles anymore. Needs to be reconsidered, plasma pistol tracing needs to be better if there’s no vehicle stunning.
Disrupter works great but shock rifle should take more shots to stun a vehicle.
The grapple ruins vehicle movement as well because it auto-hijacks and that should be more skill focus and should be up to the player to click X or whatever key at the right time.
Vehicle spawning is a problem I’m BTB and it’s all apart of this random selection. I think the drop offs are cool but one team that took over all the power ups and weapons can now can control battlefield with much more ease by taking all power vehicles. Compared to when Vehicles spawned in each territory. Also brought fun controlled chaos.
Random selections ruins any type of control because you can have more then one type of Grenade in specific match or one side has a commando and the others have BR. Just ruins the flow and isn’t fun. Each locations should have equal opportunities to get same vehicles, weapons, power ups and grenades. While allowing certain ones to be push items for the teams to challenge each other at different locations of the map.
Allow controlled chaos and teams to push strategically for weapons and vehicles not just objectively.


I feel like some people are just going to keep crying about any vehicle counter until we have a game where any scrub can dominate the entire room since no one else will be able to fight back.

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You know if you minmax Halo Infinite, you might have a bad time.
Imagine playing Bot Multiplayer on hardest settings every game for eternity and then tell me how “unfair” the current state of multiplayer is.

No no, im not saying vehicles should be OP. I would honestly say we need to nerf some vehicles damage, buff their health, and get rid of some of the stupid super easy no skill counters we currently have i.e. Dynamo grenades in their current form, and the shock rifle.

I feel like vehicles in past Halo games could take way more of a beating but also didn’t just beam people down like they can in Infinite.

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Not sure what you are getting at here. What do you mean about min maxing Halo? Side note, I don’t think the bots are that difficult even on the highest setting.

Honestly 343 needs to listen to older Halo fans more. A lot of the trash that H4 and H5 tried to pull off was 343 in their hubris thinking they knew what Halo should have been instead of what Bungie gave us. Infinite has the best gunplay and some of favorite gameplay in the series. If they fixed a few small things i think it could have the best MP in the series. My biggest gripe isn’t balance or maps, its lack of armor that is unlocked outside of any passes or the store. I want an armor that has a difficult but very specific and unchanging challenge like Hayabussa, H3 Recon, or H5 Helioskrill had. That gives people something to grind for and a way to show off.

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With how the fridges of the motion tracker work, you really don’t need to see your target. Obviously it helps. But that option is always there.

Fair enough. But hogs are the only vehicles that benefit from it. Tank turrets can only shoot from the front.

It doesn’t HAVE to lock-on, it just happens to. Generally people get so close with it, that you couldn’t miss with it even if you wanted to. Or hit it head on. And out side of the lock-on range players can still lead a shot if they choose.

Just because both team have access to a poorly implemented mechanic doesn’t change the fact that it’s a poorly implemented mechanic

I don’t think it’s even about damage and health values. Vehicles are supposed to be somewhat hard to kill, but not indestructible juggernauts. They should be easy to kill with the right equipment. GETTING that equipment should be the hard part.

Ex: The Laser on Valhalla.

Id be fine with that. Man i miss big team heavies on sand trap and Valhalla so much. Really hope 343 remakes those maps.


let me ask you this.
do you know that trowing 2 dynamo grenades fast after each other have no use at all.
that the effect between the first and second trow has to be 1 min ( i think it was) to let both off the dynamo grenades to work good.

in the campaign mode you can try it out and see that trowing 2 fast after each other has no effect at all that there is a delay for some time to let the effect work.

in all my years off playing halo game’s and i have play a lot off matchmaking’s this is really the wierds thing more i have see then.
that there are people that only keep focus on there motion rader and not use there eye’s to track the vehichle from the enemy team.

the scorpoin tank has a big powerful gun that destroy all the other vehichles more easy.
so yea it has a weakness like that its more far.

and lets tell there lower the stun time from the dynamo grenades a little then it still has no use at all what you wane get out off it.
since each good player knows that a few sec’s stun is all good enough to kill the driver or gunner from that vehichle and to blow it up if you need to it.
i have destroy in my halo matchmaking years a lot off vehickles and most off then are without the stun effect from the plasma pistol back then.

the only thing i need are plasma grenade’s and some power weapons and its bye bye enemy vehichles more same with ghost’s.
the only thing i have use a plasma pistol EMP effect more was against some power full vehichles more like in halo 4 the mantis or the banshee.
and in halo infinite its a good effect against the wasp.