Two little problems about halo 4

Remember that good old call out? " sniper on my X" “one shot my X”
seriously I miss seeing someone’s x on screen.
Plus the fact you’re wearing a helmet with a HUD, why on earth is it missing?
Sure you should know the callouts but at times you need to give information quicker than
“flat rock left hand side running to shotgun tunnel.”

Also power weapon despawn times are crazy short in objective playlists say you die,
Unless you can get there in about 10 seconds, your power weapon will have disappeared into the halo unknown.
Sure I get the fact that instant respawn makes it easier in slayer, but it needs to be lengthend in objective.
As weapons take 3 mins at least to comeback up yet in a game of flag they’re massively important in a game with no vehicles.
Sure you could argue to camp with camo with sniper/rockets but there is no fun in that.

These are two things to think about when compiling TU changes.

I just want my compass back.

Yeah I miss the Calling out the X.

Weapons in general despawn at a really fast rate.