Two Glaring flaws of Arena Halo

The two glaring problems with Arena halo is the small radar; and lack of game modes. I feel like I don’t have much to complain about other than these issues with halo 5. These could be easily addressed and would have a huge impact on the arena gameplay for the better.

I don’t think increasing the radar will make arena better. The maps are far too small for a 30m radar, you’d have people in your radar across the entire map. The game could use more modes though, team snipers… Ranked, team doubles, and a permanent social playlist is all the game is really missing.

I dont think it needs to go all the way to 30m; but the standard in warzone is 25m; this gives you enough time to react to a shoulder charge coming from behind; the current 18m doesn’t give you enough time to react to an enemy that is sprinting. a lot of people have complaints about shoulder charge; I feel like an upgraded range to the motion sensor would allow the proper amount of time for a player to react to a flanking enemy. The lack of game modes just seems like full on disrespect to everyone who plays halo. halo has always been know for its unique and varying game modes. Oddball and crazy king would be welcomed additions by the community; yes there is strongholds but crazy king plays a lot differently then strongholds. Oddball was a classic long before grifball and the fact they are ignoring it is just silly. Double and snipers would be great additions. But the biggest fix would be an increase in social playlists with only 4 players per team. These maps are too small for a 5v5 experience; the 5v5 gameplay just shows everyone how truly bad the spawn system is in halo 5.

The radar in all ranked arena playlists works as it should be. The 18m radar is a compromise made for the competive scene, having 25m makes players to reliant on the radar, but having no radar makes you constantly checking your back for opponents. 18m is fine. Having 25m radar for social playlists is acceptable, but 18m is the sweet spot for ranked playlists.

i Would disagree; the small radar + spartan charge combo rewards players for sprinting around the map. I don’t think arena needs to be a crouch fest just a little more warning when a player is behind you would be nice. maybe a nice medium liike 22 would work well. I just get very frustrated with small radar and dont even know the point of it if it doesn’t give you time to react to a sprinting player.

I think the current radar range is perfect. It serves me to warn if someone is behind me.

The problem with a larger radar is that you see too much and your eyes are looking at the radar more than you are actually watching gameplay… I like my eyes on the game and having to strategize how i move so i can have good angles and avoid people surprizing me from behind.

its doesnt serve you if they are sprinting; and that’s my main point the combo of sprint/small radar/ and spartan charge makes it nearly impossible to react to an enemy coming at you from behind. i don’t understand how spartans can get all these upgrades like ground pound and thruster but the motion tracker that has been a standard in halo got a downgrade??? doesn’t make sense… and doesn’t even help the game play like a halo