Two Big Problems

Apart from my shocked reaction to see that NOBODY is telling about the issues going on with Halo: CE and Halo 3 for the CGB, I’ll put the word out. Ever since the two titles were added to the browser, I was happy to see some old favorites that I haven’t seen since I played the Windows port of Halo: CE: Warthog Sumo and CTF. With that picture of nostalgia in play, I have noticed two problems that have pretty much made me laugh and annoyed the hell out of me, two problem that NEED to be addressed. 1. ) Whenever someone would get kicked from a server in the CGB, it would spam the hell out of the chat box nearly crashing your game in the process. My last match’s chat box crashed my game, forcing it back to my dashboard; 2. ) Playing Halo: CE Warthog Sumo was an absolute blast but I would get disconnected every few minutes; I was thinking because maybe it was modded but I was unsure, so I stopped playing that. CTF did the same thing but would let me stay longer. I don’t know how this bug managed to slip past verification or testing, but, 343 can you please fix this bug as soon as you can??? I would really like to play Halo: CE and 3 more often in the CGB.