Two best things of Multiplayer and Campaign?

Hey! Let’s bring some positivity to the forum!
Say the two best things for each main mode, Campaign and Multiplayer. Here is my bet:
• The return of the Arbiter and the Swords of Sanghelios. I love to play alongside Elites! It gives something so special to the game. For me, the Arbiter is the best character of all the saga.
• The Guardian’s wall-running! Hell that part was soooo fun!

• Spartan Abilities. Love all of them, excepting Spartan Charge.
• Finally auto weapons are useful!

What about yours guys ? :smiley:

-I can agree with the return of Arbiter.
-The sandboxes were well done with plenty of enemies.

-weapon balance actually feels fair (especially compared to previous titles)
-movement is fluid