Two awakenings (double kill)

Trying to earn the challenge Two awakenings” in fiesta and apparently if you die during a double kill you don’t earn the double kill. As in if you melee and kill the second enemy and you die as well it doesn’t award you the double kill medal.

I think this happens in the older Halo’s too.

Double Kills come so easy in Fiesta that it’s not much of an issue imo.

It’s an issue, as I had gotten a double kill. As small as it is, it is an issue. For example I hate fiesta, but played it for the challenge, and it prolonged the time that was required to play it for me lol

I don’t remember seeing it happen in previous games, but maybe it did.

I got a double kill yesterday in fiesta but died at the same time so it didn’t progress the challenge.

On the kill feed it showed my first kill, then my death, then my second kill. So I think that’s why I didn’t get it - because I died in between according to the kill feed

Not much of an issue really. If you died in between the double kill then that makes sense. Yea you’d get the double kill, but not in one life. Similar to sprees. This has happened in all past Halo games, I’ve experienced it in them at least and understood the reasoning.

Don’t agree. It’s still a double kill is it not? A spree is different. It was ended.