Twitch drops - please make them timezone inclusive

The pose twitch drop during the current HCS NA final will be activated at midnight or at 1 AM for Europeans (for me at GMT+1 it’s active between 1 AM and 7 AM). On the night when some of us need to go to bed because we have work Monday morning.
The stream is running for a few hours already, why not turn the drop on earlier so others can grab it too, not just Americans? Weapons drops were active at earlier hours. I’d get it if there were no streams (though you could show reruns of matches that happened during our night so we could watch them during our day), but there is a stream running, and yet the drop is restricted to the time during our night.

Please, remember your game is played around the world in various time zones, please make the drop times more timezone-inclusive.


Couldn’t agree more tbh, or do a rerun to allow people in different timezones to get it


I don’t even understand how you get them in game. They only show up at n my twitch, but not on here or my Xbox.


Check on waypoint to see if its connected correctly, if it shows “…” relink it and it should say your twitch name

Not ideal but if I’m interested in a drop and it’s late, I start the stream before I go to bed and then leave my phone on the muted stream while I sleep.

It’s how I got a few Overwatch drops I wanted. Then I just watch the tournament on Tuesday night.

Have just set my laptop up viewing the official channel and will now go to bed. Really hope this works and it counts the hour at some point after midnight


Agree with you Shaedlaer and same thing for me, the drop will be available at 1am. But I have a work life and the HCS doesn’t even interest me.

And this is the only way to have free stuff, looking this competition. One more time, thank you 343 for having bad idea.

You don’t need to actually watch the stream. When the stream starts just open Twitch on your phone and set it to audio only and mute it then just leave it going all night, while you sleep.

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Get twitch on your smart phone if you can and leave it on while charging in another room while you sleep. I did that at work to get my pose. Left it on in the front office.

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I actually stayed up late because I had something else to do anyway, but if I didn’t, I’d just get it running on my computer all night I guess.
Still, I don’t think it’s good stream design :wink:

There is literally 24 time zones in the world so it’s quite impossible to make them all inclusive. Pretty much no matter when they do an event some are in a bad time zone. Besides the way 343 operates odds are they will give the stuff to every one at some point like they do with most of the cosmetics.

Yeah you need to link you Xbox account to Twitch

It’s not impossible.

Keep the requirement to watch a Halo Infinite stream for 1 hour but just allow that to be any 1 hour over a 24 hour period.

Even other Microsoft studios have done that so certainly not impossible.

Yeah something needs to be done about it. But if it doesn’t change: Next time just leave your PC/laptop/phone on and make sure it doesn’t go to sleep mode. :slight_smile:

I opened up the stream vid to watch the rest of the tourney and it skipped right to the end, revealing the winner. What the actual heck is that about.

Super annoying as I’m really pleased with the result and watching it unfold with no knowledge would have been awesome. Now the suspense is gone.

Nah bro, they need to artificially inflate precise moment of viewership so they can then lie about the number of viewers.

The point is to get concurrent viewers during the finals.

To include other timezones, I’d rather they just activate the same drops for Tournaments held in EU and ANZ etc for those areas to unlock the same items, on their own schedule/timing.

They don’t need to have that, they can use total number of unique watchers of the stream for example, or pretty much any other statistic to brag. If they did one main stream and then 2 reruns it’d pretty much cover whole 24h. It shouldn’t be a problem to have drops turned on during all that time.

So, you’d rather like that you’d have the drop items for 6 months before half of Halo players population does? Or if the first event in the series was in different timezone would you rather spend half year waiting for event in your timezone? Or would you leave computer left logged in to twitch to get the drop at night?

I’d rather have them from the start even if they are done in other timezone. I did watch the tournament, because I do enjoy it. It would be better however if I could watch it during my day or evening instead of at night, and still get the drops.

Plus the stream that day started at 7 PM in GMT+1, but the pose drop was unlocked at 1AM because they wanted more watchers during the final. That is not cool. It could have been unlocked from the start of the stream.