Twitch drops not showing up?

Hey all, I linked everything perfectly BEFORE claiming any drop, and I got 3/4 and NONE of them are in my Weapons Bench?

Anyway to contact 343 or anyone?

Go here

Read all that including troubleshooting

If not fixed there’s a “submit a ticket” link towards the bottom just below “was this article helpful?”

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I don’t know if this helps but if your game is open when you claim it, it won’t show up until you have restarted the game.

For twitch drops it doesn’t show up in the game right away, they have to be activated by staff. They’ll show up after a few days probably

I have the same issue. The AR won’t unlock in my game. And is there another weapon skin other than the AR, BR, and Sidekick? I thought there was only three weapon skins and one stance? The stance won’t unlock until tomorrow though.

Mine unlocked immediately after claiming in Twitch, but I’m on XBox.

When I unlocked the last batch it took about a week for them to be accessible in the game, I haven’t checked to see if these are yet because I’m out of town.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I do know that on XBox it will keep the game open in cache until you either “Quit” or restart XBox; the drops won’t show up until you have done one of those two things. So I always Quit out of the game so it’s fully closed and then open again, and the drops are usually there after that.