Twitch drops 100% works

You must have linked your Twitch account before you claim rewards

  2. Watch the stream and claim the rewards
    If your Twitch account has already claimed rewards, you need to register for a new Twitch account
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Sometimes that doesnt work.

You can still start another twitch and get it later today just make sure that you have the account name for the new account you use instead of the … on waypoint

Unlink from twitch unlink from waypoint link new account and verify on waypoint.

My thread is here.

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Making a new twitch account and linking the new account instead of using your REAL account that is already linked is not an acceptable “fix”. this is a workaround. Its not the users fault to fix backend errors, nor is it the end users responsibility to KNOW that “…” in the field is not the expected information displayed.

Fix the issue for users who did the process properly.


The issue seems to be because of the user using an ad blocker. Which is technically a fault on the users end if this is indeed the case. Had no issues quickly linking to my account using a browser that had no ad blocker installed.

Anyway, hopefully they will address it eventually and get people drops that they did work towards but did no receive.

bad code is bad code. had the same issue on microsoft edge with both OG and new twitch account. I never have used Edge browser and thus it is fresh out the box and still gave the “…” error.

Trying to use phone chrome browser to link the NEW account I made to fix THEIR issue gave the “…” error as well, when it was the phone chrome browser that allowed my legit, real and original twitch account to link properly after it failed on my PC chrome browser. I eventually got it to work by using Firefox browser on android.

So no. Ad block is not a reliable scapegoat or path to identification of underlying issue.


“It’s never my fault”
balh blah blah… If they don’t want people using ad blocker, they are allowed to do stuff like this wither you like it or not lol.

On my phone, no ad blocker and the 3 dot issue persists.

I guess bad code is in fact bad code

I use 2 ad blockers and didn’t have any issues.

Nothing works for me. Nothing is fixed. I have multiple twitch accounts, tried multiple browsers and nothing works :frowning: