♪Twas the night before Forge♪ (An original poem)

Twas the night before Forge, and throughout Halo 5

The players all waited, for the update to go live

The very anxious devs, all stood with a glare

The thought of release was almost too much to bear

The players all gathered, the Blues and the Reds

While visions of features, danced around in their heads

The excitement was building, from the thought of forge power

The wicked hype flower, that only grew by the hour

When out of the confusion, a prompt did appear

Sudden mental revolution that erupted in cheer

On every players’ screen, there was a download to start

And once it was finished, to the forge they would dart

In that moment of time, we saw imagination flow

Like an inner mind chime, causing ambient glow

Every able player building, making maps to bestow

From the devs to the pros, all had smiles to show

To say the very least, this was a day to remember

Hell, the hype wouldn’t cease, for the rest of December

Christmas almost out-shined, twas a hell of a sight

Building bases instead, just felt guiltfully right

Happy forging to all! Enjoy the new creator!

Take a break from the war. You can finish the fight later.

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Dude this is really cool! Great job!

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Bro O.o that was awesome

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Look at this. It needs to be looked at. This is the halo community. I’m so happy about it.

Amazing post mate!

Bruh, 10/10, this makes me more anxious for Forge then its suppose to

Really amazing poem

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Good poem. #Weback

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Great work, merry forgemas to you!


I appreciate the love y’all

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Bravo! Love it!