Turtling off of one base

I want to turtle. But I played 3v3’s in the bases are spread too thin. So what would I build on a base if I could only have one and I wanted to turtle.


Be Banished, get four shield generators and have 4-5 Blisterbacks under it.

Turtling is kind of hard in HW2

Colonys hunter captain with 2 skiterers and 15+ blisterbacks works for me with three supply pads, two generators, air place and leader place goes faster if you capture power nodes and bonus on rift (i think) because there is a garrision right in front of your base ypi can put your captain in. Also have at least 2 shield generators

Maybe as yapyap you could make the two grunt domes overlap with your baseshield to give it extra health

Turtling should be dead by now.

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> Turtling should be dead by now.

So fun to do in games that aren’t halo wars. I pretty much abandoned that idea, unless I was fighting the AI, in the first game, though.