Haven’t seen any posts about these in awhile so thought I’d might post one.

Ok well you got your average Human and covenant ones. Well now that the forerunners are here and maybe a new alien species (doubt it) might make their appearance what kind of turrets does that call for? Curios to see if maybe the grenade launcher turret (Falcons) from Reach makes its way into the spotlight again.

Of course we should be able to detach and run around with them like maniac kids.

What kind of turrets should be in the game?

Something like this maybe? Turrets



I guess a forerunner grenade could launch power grenades of some sort but no sentry guns…well thats what it looks like in the image.

Yeah I didnt mean for sentry guns but that was the closest one I could find that looked somewhat futuristic and cool

give me h2 turret with the ability to rip it off. gauss turret would be Great!! especially if you could walk with it.