Turret and SAW Accuracy

Ive seen some gameplay of the SAW and the Turret(un-attached), seems like its from the eurogamer expo. The accuracy on both of these weapons seem to be pretty high definitely at close range but even at mid range. I mean obviously they designed both to be power weapons and I am definitely not complaining about it in any way. I just want to see what you guys think about the accuracy on these. Ill try and link some vids if i can. There was a post of all the vids earlier today.

Finally some useful automatics?

Spray me all over baby!

They’re much more accurate than Reach’s, that’s for sure.

I’m glad the Turret is accurate. Makes running slow balanced, IMO. As for the SAW, Mother of God, 72 accurate bullets spraying in your face O_O

I don’t think the SAW’s that accurate. Or at least, not as accurate as the Turret. It’s Reticule is pretty big. Still, deadly, automatic power weapons either way.

The SAW looks delicious, but I think it needs to be used at close range otherwise your bullets will go anywhere but your target. Which is fine considering how powerful it is :smiley:

Yeah. I agree with all yall. These guns are going to be as sought after as any other rocket launcher or sniper.

I’ve always been the guy who detached a turret and loved it even though I knew I would lose just about any mid ranged battle against a DMR/AR user.

Well on Reach at least, turrets were even worse in Halo 3. Lol, The Pit.

Love to hear that their accuracy is increased, might be forced to go gunner specialization now :D.

I actually REALLY want to get my hands on that SAW.

It’s about time turrets got a huge buff honestly. For something that slows you down and has to be found, they sucked -Yoink- in Reach/H3.

The SAW isn’t really accurate, but it just puts out so many shots so quickly that you have a pretty good chance of hitting your target.

The SAW isn’t really ‘accurate’, but its large ammo and high ROF makes it hit much more. If I were at mid range, I’d be burst firing it - it would both cause others to flinch a bit, and I’d also be dealing enough damage. But at close range, its practically a high powered Assault Rifle, which seems strong enough in CQC as it is.