Turning off crossplay

Turn of CROSSPLAY so console players don’t have to be dismantled by PC players and the cheating!!!


Sincerly, Smashin D Holes


You can play ranked without M&K. But not without the cheating. Sigh.


Cross play needs to be optional it needs to be something you can turn off


Couldn’t agree more :clap:


I’m a halo fan since the first halo. My Xbox actually came with halo 1 =). In the past year I’ve been playing warzone and stopped mainly because of PC players - Better performance and hackers.

I‘ve never been so excited to play halo since halo 3 and what does 343 do? No platform optionality!! Even MCC has this option. It has both input and platform optionality.

I just don’t understand why would 343 would support the concept of one platform having advantage over the other, even if is a slight advantage - it’s still an advantage

PC players can play at 240 and now days up 300 FPS (and way more feasible in upcoming years) and console players are cap at 120 FPS (and it will stay at 120 until a new gen). Is that fair in competitive/ranked games??

Looks like this is the new free-to-play norm and eventually we are gonna have to buy a computer - at least competitive gamers.


I hate this game because of cross play. I get .5 kd every time I play against PC and I’ve been apex Predator every season. Im a competitive at games in general but when you throw such an advantage in ranked and the cheating. I HATE THIS GAME.

I want to uninstall, not fun at all


I would say it absolutely needs to happen and thought it was coming very soon in a patch. I’ve had suspected people already using cheats just to go to theater mode to be proven wrong (time will tell) I play cross play ranked because it’s all I can play right now with my full squad of buddys and their are people who just shred with mouse and keyboard. Its honestly night and day sometimes. Then again some people just go beast mode with a controller. Hopefully sooner versus later before cheating gets rampant. I would be really surprised if we saw what is happening in warzone presently, that is just completely out of hand like Activision don’t care. Im also not sure how 343 is handling cheaters I think it’s better to just flag their IP address and make it to where they can only play with cheaters. Like Titanfall did, get a taste of their own medicine. Hope everyone is enjoying campaign :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I legitimately play on an OG daddy Xbox one, with not the best internet. I bet I’m getting 20-30fps. I regularly poop on PC/KB&M players and in fact I’m onyx with a 1.45 k/d in crossplay. The game isn’t holding you back. Your excuses are.