Turn Up The Radio: Radio Logs from Reach

Alright, so I was doing a little Arena on Countdown, crouching in a corner when I heard a radio talking about a Spartan team taking on a Wraith, bare-handed. I wound up finding a series of radio sets scattered through the matchmaking levels, and doing a transcript of the dialogue - it seems it’s all in reference to a Spartan Red Team. I’ve tried to put them in a logical order, so have a read:


Spire [Mountain Road]

[R43] Gamma 1 Actual, this is Recon 43. We are in position, over.
[G1X] Recon 43, this is Gamma 1 Actual, gimme a radio check, over.
[R43] <fading in> Got eyes on 3 ghosts and 24 infantry. Typical scout detachment, please advise.
[G1X] Recon 43, do not engage. Sit tight and keep your eyes and ears open. I say again, gimme a radio check, over. [R43] Gamma 1 Actual, we do not read you, say again, we do not read you, over.[G1X] Recon 43, you are not cleared to engage. I say again, you are not cleared to engage.
[G1X] Is there anyone else close to their grid? -Yoink!-!
[R43] Looks like we’re on our own, boys. This is their eyes and ears, we flatten these guys and disengage, tag your targets and get ready to go loud on my mark.[G1X] Recon 43 this is Gamma 1 Actual. I say again, you are to stand down and withdraw immmediately, do not engage, over.

[R43] Fire, that’s it, make ‘em count! <gunfire>[G1X] What do we have that we can send to support them? -Yoink!-!
[R43] Pull back, move and shoot, move and shoot! Where the hell did all these hostiles come from?[G1X] Tell Beta Romeo Actual that the company we are expecting is going to be arriving a little sooner than we anticipated. <fades out> (Recon 43), I say again, you are not cleared to engage! Stow your weapons, we are reading multiple inbound hostiles in your sector - you do not want their attention, over!
[R43] Aw, damn! Tip of the spear, nothin’, it’s the whole god-forsaken fleet! Fire, fire, fire![G1X] Recon 43 respond. Check in. I say again, Recon 43, do you read me? -Yoink!-. Get Red Team up and running, high alert. We’re about to have company.

[G1] This is nuts. What in the hell are those autoturrets supposed to do against what they’re bringin’? Over.[R] Divide their attention.
[R] Visual. Thirty-two Wraiths moving with two hundred sixty infantry at two hundred meters, closing on our lines due west at six kilometers per hour. Beta Red, hold position until I trigger primaries, then close on their front line as fast as you can.
[G1] -Yoink!-, Red, I heard you Spartans were crazy. Gamma 5, radio check over.[G5] 5 by 5, Gamma 1 Actual. Drone’s holding station at over ten thousand feet. We got eyes on the whole damn thing.
[G1] Those Spartans ARE crazy, they’re gonna get us killed.
[G5] Holy <static>! You’re ain’t gonna believe this! Beta Red just punched right up into the guts of that Covy column! Ever see a Spartan go hand to hand with a wraith? Unbelievable![G1] What are 11 Spartans gonna do against 30 thousand covenant? They’re dead men.[G5] Can’t argue that, but those Spartans just bought us some time! We might just make it outta this alive! Get ready to move, over!
[G1] <unintelligible, fading in> Let’s get the hell outta here.
[radio hiss, gunfire, explosions]
[R] Gamma 1 Actual, my team is in position. Get your people ready to move as soon as I give the signal, over.[G1] With respect red, we might not be spartans, but this is our home. My men will die here if I ask them to.[R] I don’t doubt that, Gamma 1 Actual. Let’s hope we won’t need them to. Defensive perimeter online.

[G1] <beep> Unknown station, this is Gamma One Actual, do you read, over?
[IF] Gamma One Actual, this is Iron Fist. We read you. What is the current status of Facility Alpha 331?[G1] Facility Alpha 331 is overrun & offline, Defense grid at uniform delta ? is running at starvation levels. If you’re looking for survivors, we’ve got a few.
[IF] Negative, Gamma, we are enroute to support Beta Red. Any word on his status?[G1] None, over.
[IF] Acknowledged. There is a temp evac station 50 klicks west along your current vector at UD 0896 3987. I’ll let them know you’re coming.[G1] Might want to tell them to pull up stakes. Beta Red may be tough as hell, but I have no idea how long they’ll be able to tie up two armor divisions.
[IF] Say again, Gamma, over.[G1] I said Beta Red may be tough as hell but - oh, my god![IF] Gamma 1 Actual, we lost you, say again, over.

[G1] Iron Fist, This is Gamma 1 Actual. 3 covenant cruisers just dropped out of cloak directly above us, holding at approximately twenty thousand feet travelling due east at approximately three hundred knots, 3-0-0 knots!
[IF] Visual confirm, Gamma 1. They just passed within 50 meters of our bird.
[IF] Go NOA, and punch it, there’s still a chance we can pull Beta outta there[G1] <disbelief> Wait a minute, you’re not thinking of heading into that mess, are you?
[IF] Godspeed, and see you on the other side Gamma. Out.

Powerhouse [Dormitory]

[G5] Gamma 1, facility Alpha 412 is overrun, and I’m heading to your location with what’s left of Gamma 5, over.
[G1] Gamma 5? damn, it’s good to hear you. How many you bringing? I thought Bnet said your house got knocked down.[G5] Confirm. ODG 412 is slag. Lost all but 14 able bodies. Making our way over in 2 ‘Hogs and a radio van.(ODG = Orbital Defence Gun?)
[G1] The more the merrier. Looks like we got makin’s for a party. Some honest-to-god Spartans are ridin’ up here with some boys from Third Mech as we speak.[G5] Hate to break it to you, Gamma 1, but Covvies hit us with two divisions at A412. How many Spartans you got on approach?
[G1] Gamma 5, say again? That was two divisions, over?
[G5] That’s affirmative. We put a dent in 'em, but that’s about it. The only reason I ain’t one of them on the line with you right now is HighCom decided to drop every available asset right on top of em, and us. Over.[G1] Well, I hope you’re bringing extra ammo, then, Gamma 5.[G1] All we could carry and then some. ETA 25 mike, out.

Reflection [Back Hall]

[Maj] Alpha 20, This is UNSC Majestic, 2 mikes out from window. Once we’re on station you’ll have us for all of 3-0 seconds, over.
[A20] Acknowledged, Majestic. Stand by, we are waiting for the go/no go on the shoot. Uploading (?) telemetry on target.[Maj] Telemetry recieved, on standby.
[A20] CENTCOM, OWA is 1 mike 3-0 seconds out from window, DD with five-zero one-hundred-sixty charlie mike, once on station we’ll have 3-0 seconds of trigger time, over.
[CC] Alpha 20, this is CENTCOM. Beta Red is directly in the splash zone. Until we have visual confirmation of their status we are no go, over.[A20] CENTCOM, those cruisers are burning birds out to 5-0 klicks, hell, they’ve hit civvy evac birds all the way out to CIS. Beta Red have gone above and beyond but there’s no way out for them, they just bought us our window, now give me the go and I’ll finish the job.
[CC] God help us. Go hot. Out.
[Maj] <fade in> (???) This is Majestic. Copy, Alpha, requesting go for shoot. [A20] Affirmative, we are go on the shoot. [Maj] Acknowledge, shoot is a go, out.
[Maj] 6 rounds, target number KT 2005.[A20] Copy, Majestic, Target number KT 2005.
[Maj] Shot, over.[A20] Shot, out.
[Maj] Splash, over.[A20] Splash, out.
[Maj] Rounds complete, over.[A20] Rounds complete, out.
[A20] <fade in> (???) to Majestic, all three target vehicles neutralized. I don’t even want to guess what happened below.[Maj] I copy, Alpha. end of mission, all three target vehicles neutralized. It’s been fun, hope we get a chance to do it again. Out.[A20] God willing. Out.

BONEYARD [Junkyard]

[G1] Gamma 5, holy crap, Bunkman(?), d’you see that?[G5] See it? Felt that in my damn chest. Whoever pulled that trigger wanted those sonsabitches dead.
[G1] Can’t believe we just walked outta that crater. We gotta be the two luckiest -Yoinks!- on this whole planet.[G5] <Texas accent> Luck ain’t got nothing to do with it, Jake.
[G1] Think anybody could have survived that? [G5] You mean Beta Red? They say Spartans never die, but I don’t think anything lived through that.
[G1] Damn, whole lotta real estate burning down there. Won’t be much left once this is all said and done.[G5] Here we are, hightailing it to anywhere else. Doesn’t seem right. [G1] Well, pretty soon won’t be anyplace else to run to. What’s next, Earth?
[G5] Jake, anyone tell you you talk too damn much?[G1] All the time. What the hell else was there to do on Reach besides chase pioneer girls?[G5] Now there’s nothing. Now there’s nothing at all. Five out.

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Interesting, good find!

Wow. You put a lot of time into compiling all those logs. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us!

I actually compiled a couple more - they’re all posted over on the Bungie forums right now:

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing on the Corvette firefight level, Zealot, or Sword Base. I also don’t think there’s one on Forge World, but I could be wrong.

Very cool stuff. Good find. One of my favorite parts about Halo 3’s audio was the comm chatter which could be heard in the crashed dropships, Pelican or Phantom. This is equally as cool.