Turn on player collision

I’m so sick of this utterly stupid idea to turn off player collision. It worked for freaking 20 years and NOONE ever complained. Whoever thought it would be a great idea bringing kills like to one in the clip to halo should be fired and never be allowed to come a game company remotely near.

If you wanna keep everything easy and cozy for the f2p kids you are ripping off with 20$ pineapples, fine, but keep these trash ideas out of competetive play.


Seriously, stop fixing things that ain’t broken.


I understand, player collision being taken out is ridiculous. I resent when a teammate just comes in front of me and gets caught up in my line of fire.

you can’t even use old pile on top of each other strategies either. (Teamwork level reduced) Though i wonder what would happen in a 4v4 game if everyone got into the exact same corner and fired at one person would there be quad damage or would the guns shoot each other because SOMEHOW gunfire still has collision with allies. I think they left collision out to hide netcode issues…