Turn Down The Censorship

06 is apparently considered profanity. I am currently working on a map series set on I-06. And I tried to put that in the WIP name for the map. It was also going to be in the description of the map as well. This censorship is stupid. What part of 06 is profanity?


Yes. for example, to a guy in FF I offered to drive if he hadn’t finished the seasonal objective of 117 kills with a vehicle. Impossible to wrote the half of a sentence :woozy_face: even to be helping :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.
Many other words, no matter the language, far from being rudeness or vulgar the game censor consider a bit of anything as a vulgarity.

Many games have a (deactivable) vulgarity filter, but MCC’s is objectively insanely disproportionated.
I don’t know if this is still the case : but the last time I wrote a description for a custom game, the game systematically refused it idk what word in my language was considered as vulgar by the game.

Some people might say :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: “aaargh this game considers my language as an insult, scandal! scandal! :grin:” lol

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Yeah the language filter is haywire. Unfortunately recently I responded to someone in text chat and even though I was responding pleasantly with nothing offensive at all as in not at all in any way whatsoever, it randomly censored an inoffensive word making it look like I’d responded to them by lashing out for some reason.

I don’t remember but it was the equivalent of this:

Them: Hey sorry for sucking.
Me: hah no worries, mate.
How I was censored: hah no worries, ****."


:open_mouth: :crazy_face: wow seriously?! +1 for the example^^
Dear devs… cure this unfortunate ingame chat/filter :yum: (and other file errors because of this)