Tugboats Are Recruiting

Good morning Spartans, the Tugboats are recruiting currently and are seeking gold+ players.
The Tugboats is a group of friends who have been basically playing together for 5 years. We are a casual-competitive clan, which means that we play competitive gamemodes and play to win, but we still play to have fun.

We are well organized, taking little bits of organization from previous clans, we have developed our system to work well and to keep the squads as a family. Currently we have one squad, Prime, and have nine members in it. Each squad has a competitive team, so that each squad can battle eachother for bragging rights and for fun. There will be two squads in a company which will be ran by the captain, and each company will have a competitive team. Finally, the Tugboats as a whole will have a competitive team to face off against other Spartan companies. Each squad will consist of ten people, so each squad will have a family-like atmosphere rather than larger clans where squads consist of eighty people and every practice there’s a bunch of people you’ve never heard of. In the Tugboats you will know when new members join, since they will become part of your halo family. Each squad will also have practices ran by the squad leader. On practice nights, we scrimmage each other in various competitive gamemodes to improve and to have friendly competition. We also hold game nights where we play mini games to have fun and to relax. Game nights will mostly be held during weekends while practices will be held during the week. All we ask is to participate in at least one practice a week, as during the week it is hard for some of us to balance halo and school, but during the weekends we usually have more than 4 people on at all times (for a clan of nine that’s pretty good).
Although it isn’t required that you recruit, the more people you pull in increases your chances of being promoted drastically. A few years ago I was a leader of an eighty man squad and I recruited around 35-40 people into the squad, and it was a lot of work but when it came to game nights and there was a full lobby of people it was worth it.
We have a point based ranking system that has no authoritative purpose, but shows how long you’ve been part of the Tugboats and gives you weight to receive promotions.
Tugboats Ranks:
General: Mopia09
Colonel: 100,000 Points
Commander: 50,000 Points
Major: 25,000 Points
Captain: 20,000 Points
Lieutenant: 17,000 Points
Ensign: 15,000 Points
1st Sergeant: 11,000 Points
Master Sergeant: 9,000 Points
Gunnery Sergeant: 7,000 Points
Staff Sergeant: 5,000 Points
Sergeant: 3,600 Points
Corporal: 1,800 Points
Private First Class: 1,000 Points
Private: 400 Points
How to get Points:
Attend a Meeting: 250 Points
Squad Practice: 50 Points
Clan Battle: 50 Points
Clan Victory: 50 Points
Game night: 25 Points
Recruit New Member: 200 Points
Basic Training: 400 Points
Squad Split: 1000 Points
The Tugboats do have a skill requirement, only accepting people who are gold+ in breakout, team arena, slayer and free for all. This is a loose requirement, as you can be unranked in a certain playlist and be allowed in, but if you are qualified in a playlist we want you to be gold+. This requirement shouldn’t scare away higher level players, as we will take the gold players and make them better players to increase the competition. Higher level players are also needed in order for competitive matches to be competitive and for the Tugboats to have a formidable competitive team.
If you want to be part of a clan that has a lot of fun while maintaining a competitive atmosphere, I would strongly recommend you joining the Tugboats. If you want to make friends that you will play with to years to come, join the Tugboats. If you want leadership opportunities and to help create a clan from the ground up, join the Tugboats and become someone that people will look up to. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you on the battlefield. Message Mopia09 on Xbox or apply on Halo Waypoint to join the Tugboats.

Edited some of the information. I would also like to welcome Dante Demons927 to the Spartan Company. Developed new ranking structure and increases squad size from 10 to 12. Have a nice day.

The Nova National Empire is offering the Tugboats an opportunity to merge if you want to talk further business Message King Chaos 216 i await your reply

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> The Nova National Empire is offering the Tugboats an opportunity to merge if you want to talk further business Message King Chaos 216 i await your reply

We aren’t interested in joining you but we would allow you to have your own squad consisting of the four members of your Spartan company in the Tugboats. If you don’t want to merge with us, we can have a 4v4 clan battle if you’re interested.


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> 2v2?

Sure, message me and we’ll figure out a date.

We have a few clan battles in store for anyone who is interested in playing competitive halo and thinks they are good enough to make our roster. We are also recruiting leaders who can run squads because our first squad will be splitting soon. Plus we are interested in taking other clans into our organization so if interested message me.

We’re going to be playing all night so if anyone is interested in playing with us message me @Mopia09. Hope to see some new faces