TU Feedback ---- Very important

Now I have been playing custom games since the release of the TU involving the no bloom gametype. I do have a few suggestions to make the gametype much better and flow nicer.

Pistol: As we are all aware the pistol is much like a power weapon. So I think it would flow much nicer if zoom was removed from the pistol to make the game flow much better. It would also make the sniper much more useful in the game. Because as I’m sure most have been there I don’t like being out sniped by a pistol when I’m using a sniper. Also the pistol could become a pickup much like on Sanctuary in mlg settings.

Zero Bloom Gametype: Now I’m sure all of you have adjusted with the settings a bit. I have noticed one thing you can’t strafe very well. If this is supposed to give the Halo CE feel with zero bloom. Why hasn’t the speed been changed yet. I have tested with 8 people to 16 people different effects. And I find 120 fits perfectly with the gametype. You can actually strafe at 120 and since crouching literally does nothing anymore without bloom why not increase the speed. This was you can effiecently stafe, like in previous halo games.

Spawns: I know since this is the TU you would think spawns might not be a big deal. But at a higer level of play 10 onyx or better it means a win or a loss regardless. The main maps of focus are reflection,swordbase,powerhouse and hemmorage.
Reflection:Red team gets rockets/shotgun. Blue gets sniper/sword. Problem is with jetpack a person can jetpack up with rockets kill 2-3 players on blue and have snipe 8/10 this happens. Swordbase same idea. Red gets sniper/gl and shotgun. And blue get’s sword? Does that seem really balanced to you?Powerhouse same idea red gets access to rockets much quicker and obtains map control. Finally Red on Hemmorage has an entire rockside defending their portal blue gets a few rocks. So Red go through telporter with snipe looks blue teleporter plus has a ridge to spawn kill blue side near the base. Difference between the two is red can fall back to the cave. Blue gets no choice but to back down to rocks if they don’t get killed because of neutral spawn on blue teleporter? How is this any fair to blue team.

That is about all I have an issue with involving the TU feel free to comment.

If you crouch with the DMR you actually are 100% accurate at full spam lol.