TU Extraction Bug Fix

Regarding the coming TU updated, one of the bug fixes was listed as:

> - Fixed the issue for Extraction where players did not regain full control of their character for extended periods of time after interacting with a site.

I was very happy to see this addressed, but was curious to know whether or not the fix will also affect Dominion, which has a similar issue of being stuck at a capture point after interacting with a base capture.

If an administrator can answer this for me, that would be great. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I really enjoy extraction… shame it doesnt have commendations associated with it nor is integrated into any but the DLC playlist… I find it a fast paced game where you gotta move between sites alot… good flow of attack and defence

Just a friendly bump if anyone can answer this. :slight_smile:

I too am curious about this

Bump again? :slight_smile:

Guess you gotta go play dominion bro. But if they didnt mention it i’ll bet it didnt get touched.

Please do not bump.