TU beta problem

i dont really understand why they put tu beta stuff in EVERYTHING not trying to be mean but the bloom on the magnum was already spammed enough oh and i paid 10$ for the DLC like defiant ect. but thats beside the point i would prefer if you actually put up the defiant part of the DLC thanks

  1. 85% Bloom is in THREE Playlists - Team Objective, Multi-Team and Squad Slayer.
  2. Defiant DLC is in 80+% of the playlists in Reach.

TU slayer is only in Squad Slayer, Multi Team and Team Objective. It’s in Anniversary Squad too just thought i’d mention that. 85 bloom and TU changes are NOT in every playlist. Vanilla Reach gametypes still exist.

As for the DLC issue, just keep praying that you’ll match up with those with DLC. More people would have at least Noble Map Pack if it was made free. IMO, 343 in conjunction with that idea, require players to have the map packs based upon how old they are (Noble is old). It doesn’t take that much effort to download something that is free for most players, who wouldn’t jump on that deal? Plus it would help make those maps pop up more in Matchmaking and thus, put that retweaked DLC algorithm to use.

Calm down sir, the TU settings are in, like, four playlists. It’s Squad, Objective, Multi-Team, and TU Beta. Team Slayer still has thirty-second Active Camo and everything else the TU gametypes nerfed, so if you want a vanilla gameplay experience, you can go there. And on DLC, they’re mad weighed, maybe a little too much. Every game of Squad Slayer that I played with my full team of DLC owners had at least one DLC map on the list. Granted, the DLC map didn’t always get chosen, but it was there. So don’t mad all over the place when you ain’t know what you be talking about.

If you want lolDefaultReach go play Team Slayer. It’s still there, though it baffles me as to who would willingly subject themselves to that.

The TU changes are only in 4 playlists (outside of Anniversary), so play anything but those.

Oh look! OP brought a can of gas to flame with! If all you want to do is flame 343i OP, go elsewhere. We really don’t care for rants that are not based on facts. TU changes are NOT in all playlists. If you don’t like the TU changes, go play a playlist that doesn’t have them in it.