TTK need to be just a little shorter

It’s the exact same TTK as in Halo 3, 1.55 seconds. It’s literally the same exact things 100%, aside from being hitscan now instead of projectile based.

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Noooooo! TTK is what makes Halo Halo… It’s for that reason that this multiplayer experience is so great because you have the chance to respond to being shot at

This is NOT Call of Duty.

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I guess just make it CoD, is that what the OP is suggesting?

Bro, I don’t know what you’re smoking but drop it! :laughing:

Ttk is too fast. Radar being crap doesn’t help. Halo never been that hectic before. I feel like a monkey on crack playing it.

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Have to disagree,

Matches especially Big team battle are way too short.

This isn’t CoD and it shouldn’t ever be treated like it either. They did that with Halo Reach in the MCC, and it ruined the experience Reach had, and now we are stuck with it because Reach is going offline.

lol I agree, bro if im not always at 100 I get melted by an AR in a second’s time. Ppl are saying that this isnt sweaty but I feel like we arent playing the same game.

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I see just as many people saying the TTK is too fast, as I see saying it’s too long. I think it’s too inconsistent. I’ve had drawn out AR duels, as well as moments that feel like this game copied and pasted COD’s lag comp, where I can’t tell if I’m being shot by an AR or BR becase of how fast I get dropped.

I’m not really sure if it’s a map design issue, an escapability issue, a weapon balance issue, or all three. That 10% speed boost sprint gives someone is definitely not inconsequential when you have to wait for your bloom to reset, or reload your gun because you just got out of a fight and it takes over half your magazine to kill someone at best, but then maps are also littered with hard corners and cluttered with cover that seems purposely placed to block the last few shots of an engagement. Just compare the busy middle section in any of Infinite’s maps, with maps like Guardian, Lockout, Countdown etc; poor positioning is hardly if at all discouraged, because the nearest cover is a short slide away.

Imo a fast TTK isn’t bad for Halo, assuming it’s hard to accomplish, but Infinite’s spawn loadout is too weak to fight at long range, while essentially being a slot machine at it’s intended ranges. That’s all to say nothing of the wonkiness of some particular weapons like the BR, which counterintuitively seems better at shield stripping than cleaning up one shot enemies. I believe much of this inconsistency is a side-effect of 343’s insistence on balancing around hitscan, there’s only so many ways to make a literal laser less accurate, and the UNSC alone has 5 laser accurate hitscan weapons, with a healthy dose of role redundancy. Yet for all the trends they chase, 343 seem dead set on making utility/spawn weapons hitscan during a time when every Battle Royale and even smaller scale shooters have adopted projectile systems.

Bro what? TTK is shorter than it’s ever been already, and it’s mostly the AR to blame.

TTK is definitely too short already. In the smaller arena maps you never have a chance to turn the tables unless your attacker mistimed their attack to give you an easy out, and in BTB it’s far too hard to acquire your attacker quickly enough

I die in 0.5 seconds 1v1s, no joke. As soon as I register I’m taking damage I’m dead, AR, Sidekick, BR, commando, doesn’t matter.

It’s the shortest it’s ever been. The AR is like Halo 3’s sentinel beam. Any shorter and we’re reaching COD territory.

4v4 slayer in Quick Play is first to 50 kills, not 25 like it was in Halo 3.

That tells you the TTK is already short enough!

The bulldog must be the less useful shotgun in Halo history. Its a joke that at point blank distance the shotgun doesnt kill in 1 shot