TTK need to be just a little shorter

Hey 343 just an observation. I love the game so far it’s living up to the hype! But one small issue I have is the time-to-kill is a smidge too high. I feel like no matter what weapon I’m using it takes A very long time to kill another player even with all shots connecting. I know this isn’t COD and TTKs are always longer in halo but this game just seems to be just slightly too long. I think the game could benefit from not emptying and entire ar mag then using the pistol and still having the person run away. BR and commando need a serious buff if TTK remains the same. Been playing halo since CE and have never noticed these insanely long TTKs.


Shorter?! If even, they have to be longer. Reversals or almost non existent because of the fast TTK. If you don’t melt people with the sidekick or the AR, sinple work on your aim…


Sorry, afraid I have to disagree. I feel as though the TTK is really low, and unfortunately by the balancing of the game I have a feeling it’ll stay right around where it is now.

Imo right now the game is fast, fun, but paced for a competitive scene.


I don’t know main thing on notice is how underpowered the BR is compared to like halo 3 or even 4. And the commando is more bark than but it sounds mean when yiu shoot it but damage is like a pea shooter


I like long TTK, it allows for more fight rather than surprise, but some guns like the commando feel like a pea shooter compared to the AR.

The AR needs it’s range nerfed.


TTK feels entirely short already for a Halo game.


The BR has the same kill time as Halo 3 for headshots, and actually kills faster with body shots than it did in Halo 3 my dude lmao


Don’t think you understand halo bro….if anything it should be longer


The BR is pound for pound worse than the sidekick. It sucks in this game lol

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Incorrect assessment but sure. It literally kills the exact same time as in H3

No way. High TTK is integral to Halo.


On the contrary, TTK needs to be longer.
Halo isn’t a twitch shooter, it’s an arena shooter.

The ability for the player to react to getting attacked and using skill and map knowledge to beat their opponent is key for Halo gameplay.

Infinite is just a hellscape of getting jumped by someone using an AR and getting hosed down before you even turn around and break their shields.

From your description, I’ll say you have a major aiming problem.


If anything, it’s too low. I want higher than lower every time.


Ehh I suppose the game not having any aim assist is showing how much I relied on it over the years lol I guess I see when they release a swat playlist

The issue is more the TTK for anything that isn’t a headshot. Taking down shields is okay and then you either instant kill with a headshot or it takes the whole rest of the clip to finish someone. It’s a bit of a mess.

Take the commando for example. It takes 8 hits to kill with a headshot and 11 without. If you’re not shooting 55% accuracy, and most people aren’t, then you’re not going to get a kill in one clip of ammo (20 shots) unless you get a headshot.

Sidekick takes seven shots to the head or ten shots to the body and only has 12 shots so you have to be shooting 83% without a headshot to kill without reloading.

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I dunno, feels pretty good to me. I’m pretty much melting people, feels very Halo.

Maybe I’m just hitting headshots a lot lol

The BR is the same TTK as halo 3 mate.


The TTK does NOT need to be shorter. Halo is one the last big name shooters (if not the last) that has an interesting TTk. OP, you said yourself this isn’t CoD but you seem to want it to be.

Having the longer TTK creates much more entertaining, interesting and skillful engagements. When it’s shorter you barely even get a moment to respond to the attack before you’re dead but for Halo you can engage a target or be engaged and you can respond and win with smart skillful play. I can’t remember the last time I was shot in the back in CoD or BF and didn’t even get to turn around but for Halo if I get short from behind I can spin and put up a fight, if it gets to hot and I’m still alive i can back out and hopefully regroup and re-engage.

Halo has always been more about the duel, not about who is faster on the trigger.

If anything it needs to be ever so slightly longer.

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Seems fine to me, feels like it’s about the same as every other halo which is a good thing.

I checked and to my surprise it seems indeed the TTK of the BR is same as Halo 3 with 3 body shots and 1 headshot to kill, but somehow in this game I feel it slower, maybe the fire rate of the BR is slower now?

But definitely overall for all weapons I fill they kill far slower than they did in previous games

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