TSW recruitment

Hey waypoint. I am here to tell everyone that The Spartan Warriors are looking for new recruits.

We are a raid based clan that tries to have raids as often as possible. We do not discourage people from joining, just as long as you have a mic and are willing to listen to instructions.

We stay on Halo reach and have been part of the clan community since the beginning of Reach.

If you are interested in joining or if you are a leader of another clan and want to set up a raid merger or talk about a possible allience, please feel free to contact me on Xbox live.

GT: KillTime Gamer

The Spartan Warriors are still actively recruiting new members for the clan. As I mentioned, we are a Halo Reach centered clan and we have little to no intention of moving games so feel free to join at any time. We try to have as many raids as possible with notable raid wins over clans such as the Sangheili Eminence, the Shield Of Honor and most recently the NavCom Navy.

We are a dedicated group who looks to strengthen our clan. If you want to become a Warrior, feel free to message me (GT: KillTime Gamer) Our leader
(GT: ExpertLone wolf) or any other of our high ranking officials such as (GT: LissomTrout619), (GT: iPenguinRoar) or (GT: OZZIEtheSLAYER)

We will be more than happy to accept the truly dedicated.

I have forgotten to mention that the majority of our members do live in the UK, but we have a good amount of members from the U.S. as well. Time zone should not be much of a problem, all we ask is that you have a mic and are ready to listen to instruction.

We have recently started up a 3 division system which includes Reapers, Rangers and Spartans.

If interested in joining, contact any of the members listed above.

Our clan unlike so many others have a good community feel while still upholding the military system, our members do not bicker nor do they get angry over miniscule things, if you want to be a part of a clan that wont disband the week you join or badmouth each other then TSW is what you’re looking for plain and simple.