TSF.. Is the best and we want you

Hello… I am pretty new here but I am apart of a gaming community called THE SPARTAN FORCE. The link is here if you want to check it out. http://thespartanforce.enjin.com
My Gamertag and name apart of the community is Cheap Johnson. You can fix my details on my profile quite easily. We are growing every day and we almost have a hundred members as of now. We do not require recruiting or tedious things to be apart of the family, you rank up based on participation AND on seniority as well if you are not the super involved type, and that is exactly how we treat our members… Like family. GUNNER is our leader and if you are interested please send him a message and we will get you situated.
We do a variety of things and I will go over a few to see if it sounds interesting to you. We host tournaments that anyone in the community can participate and win prizes that are worth competing for. We also post news and updates about halo within the community so everyone is up to date. We also fit you in on a team so you always have a friend to play with :). We also host a game night where EVERYONE in the. community plays together an has a BLAST. I work on weekends so sometimes I am unable I play but I always am apart of it when I can, that’s how fun it is. We also do other things that are creative like come up with a montage every monday called. MultikillMonday and it had various clips of people doing some sick things throughout the week.
And this is community is just starting, think of the possibilities that we could accomplish as more people gather and we accumulate and grow as a family.
EVERYONE is welcome an we do not discrimminate or harass due to skill, we actually have an academy that goes over basics for new players so they can grow and get better as a player. On subject with our academy, we have players that vary from casual all the way to hardcore MLG players like myself, not that I wouldn’t play with the casual gamers. I just love to play Halo and I love to be apart of something bigger than myself. If you feel te same way come chec us out and see what you think we would love to have you and appreciate the time you took to atleast scope us out.

I am Cheap signing off, hope to see you soon :slight_smile: