Tsavo Highway

Some people view this mission as boring because it was just a short skirmish extended to make the campaign longer. Just drive a Warthog down a road with some Brutes blocking the way. I disagree.

This mission has to be one of the best crafted missions I’ve played in all the Halo games, and by far one of my favorites. I could play this encounter on Heroic for days.

The music sets the pace of the mission perfectly, it gives you that epic action movie feeling as you swerve your warthog around countless Brute Choppers. As your marines gun them down the Wraith from the top of the hill shoots at your ride and BAM! the shotgun rider is killed and your Warthog is smashed to pieces. I friggin love that mission.

What’s your favorite Halo 3 mission and why?

I didnt like any of Halo 3 compared to the first two games, but if i had to pick a favorite it would have to be this one or the last mission while doing the vidmaster run.

The Ark/The Covenant. Because Scorpions rule.

Lol Tsavo Highway was way too short if you knew a few shortcuts, I could seriously sit down and beat this mission in about 3 minutes. My favorite by far was The Covenant, just… so… epic…

IMO the level sucks until that point. Like people said, its just small skirmish to small skirmish. The broken space elevator pieces were the only important part until the field of choppers.

But yes, the music was fine and the game picks up after that…

My fav on Halo 3 were The Storm, The Ark, and The Covenant

Definitely one of my favorite missions by far. I agree with you explicitly.

I liked the Phantom waves on Tsavo Highway with the War Chieftain and the music that played during that confrontation, but that’s about it. That was the only time I actually enjoyed listening to the music btw.

As for my favorite missions,

Sierra 117
The Storm
The Covenant (especially)

I don’t know why everyone thinks The Ark is so great. The start of the mission is neat, but the scorpion tank part was just horrendous. The Scorpion may have better controls, but it feels so slow and underpowered. Also, I don’t feel secure at all. The moment I get in it, I feel less like a god and more like a marine. And then there’s the last part of The Ark. The worst rally point bravo ever. Arbiter can’t be killed but he’s still useless and then he leaves me and the Chieftain and Jump Pack Brutes are too easy to dispatch with the help of Auto Turrets.

And I don’t see what was so great about Halo (last level mind you). It was short and scripted. Enough said. The Flood get killed off by a loading point (it’s a good thing there are only a few of these loading points when facing Covies), Johnson gets killed off regardless of what you do, and Spark needs more moves.

The Covenant for so many reasons.

Definitetly the Covenant. My halo 3 disk is all scratched up, I wish I could play without my xbox sounding like an airplane :\

> Definitetly the Covenant. My halo 3 disk is all scratched up, I wish I could play without my xbox sounding like an airplane :\

Ha, mine is scratched but at least it loaded some missions. I bought another copy and it didn’t read at all.

My facorite levels were Tsavo Highway, The Storm, The Ark, The Covenant, and oddly enough, Floodgate. I liked all of these missions because they broke up vehicle segments with ground combat. These missions too had some of the best level designs i’ve seen. Plus the multiple scarab encounters were awsome. You vs. Scarab, tank vs. Scarab, Hornet vs. 2 Scarabs! It dosn’t get much better than that. Plus the level designs were great. Floodgate however i thought was decent because the flood were actually kind of fun to fight.

I just thought about this. If cortana’s solution was installation 04b, then how would she know that it was even there, yet alone know anything about the ark? And how did she know that the gravemind WANTED to follow the humans to the ark, along with ‘all’ of the flood? I do realize that cortana spent quite some time in Alpha Halo’s computer systems, and Human Weakness explains what happened when she was stuck with the gravemind. This still dosn’t explain how she knew about 04b being built wehen not even 343 GS knew about it.

The Covenant, great homage to The Silent Cartographer and AotCRwith the whole starting out on a nice tropical beach and ending up in snowy mountains.

the Scarab fights were my most favourite. so The Storm, The Ark and The Covenant.

I enjoyed the hell out of Halo 3 campaign, all except for that Flood level and it’s poor mad design.

> I enjoyed the hell out of Halo 3 campaign, all except for that Flood level and it’s poor mad design.

You mean the mission “Cortana”? Yeah, that one sucked a bit. Mostly because the Flood keep (re)appearing over and over. You kill one, two more show up.

Personally, considering it was one of the first FPS’s I ever REALLY got into, I liked the Halo 3 campaign a lot. But if I had to pick a favorite level or two, I’d probably pick the Ark and the first one. And I pick the first one because it really is just so nostalgic for me knowing all the parts and what to do and stuff.

The Covenant, epic describes it perfectly. The music, gameplay, story, it all fit together perfectly here.
Second place goes to Halo, only because you kill 343 Guilty Spark and you have the intense getaway sequence.

The Ark and the Covenant were awesome. Tank beats everything!

> The Covenant for so many reasons.

I hated ‘Cortana’ mainly bcause of stupid AI. Sometimes, the ememis just soood there, offering there no challenge. The level design was alright, tone and mood right, but was ruined due to horrible AI. Let that level, and its predecessor, The Library, serve as a lesson to 343i.