TS 10 clan Tournament Results

The Team Thagunbruh first annual tournament way today on may 26th, 10 teams entered all with the same goal, To win. In Round one of the tourney “Battle of assault” clan was polished off and sent home by the clan, “Divide and Conquered”. Also the “DeathKnights” were Beat by “Drop shock Brigade” and put out of the tourney. Then both “Team ShagunBruh” teams the hosts of the tournament were both beaten and put out. Lastley in round one the “Lions den” clan beat the “Death clan” in a 50 to 21 game.
Round 2 of the tournament started off with “Lifted gaming” Taking “Divide And conquered”( A tournament Favorite) out and that win assured there place in the Championship game due to a win in there poll game. In Round two “Drop shock” Put a hurtin on the “lions den” to advance them to the 3rd round. The “lions Of valor” automatically advanced due to the poll game win that they had.
In Round 3, “Drop Shock” Beat the “Lions of valor” in a 50 - 39 Game making “Drop Shock” advance to the championship,
The championship was decided in a MLG game between “Drop Shock” and “Lifted Gaming” to 50. As of Results, The First champions of the Team ShagunBruh Clan Tournament are the Clan Drop Shock Brigade. Congrats Drop Shock Great Job!

The Next Tourney will be on June 30th(a saturday) All Registration for the next tourney will start being taken on monday the 28th of may.Contact YANKEEtilDEATH the gamertag to register your clan or just comment on this forum Thanks to all clans for making this fun, exciting and a great Community Event. Team shagunBruh is happy that they got to give back to the community and happy the Halo : Reach was the game that the first annual Tournament was played on.
Thank You to all.