Trying weapons in super fiesta

I’ve had so much fun with super fiesta this week but I think the best thing I’ve got out of it is learning which weapons actually kick -Yoink-! So here are a few weapons that I either never tried or when I did et them never knew how best to use them:

Voids tear
first things first all plasma pistols are really good in this game once you learn to use smart scope , but this is the only one that has legitimate use for semi auto fire. Nothing more fun than getting someone with a sword stuck in the vortex/singularity and pea shooting them to death! The singularity adds a whole new level to map control and works wonders on the ramps to top on fathom.

Prophets bane
I know ,you’re all thinking " of course it’s good it’s a mythic weapon for gods sake!" Well whether a it because of the large maps in warzone or whether I just choke because I’m holding a mythic in my hands idk but again on fathom it kicks -Yoink-. The lunge distance is the real standout feature, -Yoink- the invisibility that’s a side note haha. Just lock on with this bad boy and swing!

Scourge of fire
now I’ve only just finished plasma caster commendations so I only just leant what to do to get a bunch of kills. But with the scourge of fire you basically drown your enemies in an avalanche of exploding bouncy balls!

Now I’ve never been much good with snipers so I haven’t bothered with this one before, but oh god you don’t even need to hit the target never mind the head… The bullet magnetism on this bad boy coupled with the one hit one kill makes it a dream if you get a good position .

Voids tear-freeze ‘em and pea shoot em’!
Prophets bane-lock on and “get over here”
Scourge of fire-'exploding balls down the -Yoink!- walls!
Nornfang-“it’s not aim bot I swear”

I’ve discovered that “Whispered Truth” is also really good. 2 bursts and if the 2nd burst hits their head that’s all you need.

Also never got a chance to try SPKR Prime until Super Fiesta. Dear God I never realized how slow rockets travel until I used this thing, it’s like firing a bullet which is also a rocket.

Tartarus’ Gavel, you don’t even really need to aim with this thing or get very close to the enemy, just point in the general direction of the enemy and swing away.

Ad Vitctoriam, in warzone it’s fairly rare that you get a large group of enemy players bundled right next to each other, but in Fiesta the arena maps are the perfect size for trapping whole teams and nailing them with Victoriam’s 3 rocket spread.

The Answer, there are no words. This thing is just pure destruction and it’s beautiful, like poetry.

Whiplash, again I’ve used this fairly often in warzone but it really shines in arena with close spaces and enemies are a lot easier to find.