Trying to understand why 343 cannot figure out how to roll out events. (From an annoyed players POV)

I’m honestly trying to understand why 343 doesn’t seem to be able to figure out how to roll out events for Halo Infinite. It shouldn’t be that hard. The Tenrai event was a massive pain as the rewards were mixed into the weekly challenges. There were many problems that I encountered when attempting to play this event and unlock the rewards. One of the major problems was the lack of stability of the game overall. No matter what I did I would run into bugs and end up making little progress or be unable to play for days at a time which meant I would have to stay up extremely late or lose an entire day trying to play catch up. Another issue was the fact that if you bugged out of a game you would lose all progress towards a challenge. On top of that I don’t quite understand why they would drop an event like that so soon after launch knowing that there would be a large number of bugs still needing to be ironed out.

For the Winter contingency event I still found issues or major flaws. First off I there was a serious lack of communication with how the event is progressed. Everything in the game refers to challenges. Nowhere on the game does it say the requirement for playing a match a day during the period to unlock the rewards. It requires you to hop over to Halo Waypoint to learn this. Secondly they knowingly released this just before the holidays knowing that there is a high possibility of people not being able to play due to travel or otherwise being occupied without the ability to catch up on days missed. Basically if you do not have 10 days of play time you lose out of a free community event. I personally was unable to play until today, I have 4 days of event time left and will not be able to complete and obtain all rewards due to this lock on rewards.

Overall it shouldn’t be this difficult to play events. Players should be allowed to catch up and not be punished by losing out on what is supposed to be a fun community event. It’s free and for us. Secondly if you’re going to require challenges make a separate challenge list that isn’t mixed in with the weekly event so that we are forced to complete challenges that do not provide progress. Thirdly 343 needs to be more clear on what exactly is required for their events. I had read the part that says “Earn rewards by leveling your BP and Event with XP from completed Challenges!” part only to find out there is absolutely no challenges other than play a match a day for 10 days and no way to make up for it due to the daily lockout. If you are going to make a holiday event make it easily obtainable with plenty of time and opportunity to make up for missed play time, especially towards the end, nobody should lose out. I don’t want to see a game I grew up with an love fail it’s community. I want to have fun and play when I can/want and not have to worry about being locked out of any event.

Because they seemingly don’t care. . . Don’t read too far into it. They only care about things that make them money NOW., Thats why half the player base is leaving Halo. Because they see how trash 343 is being.