Trying to start a competitive team

Team Found

Hey whats going on with this? Im trying to find a team, and I was on one but they flaked/never got on/barely played.
Really trying to find a team…
GT = Requill

Hey guys if you are looking for a team on the MCC ive got the one for you we are Agnus Dei and are competitive, we do ESL and UMG are also sponsored by Acidic Gaming if you all want a try out give me a message on xbox Mastert183

> 2533274823203048;1:
> Looking to recruit players for a competitive Halo team.
> Will be looking to travel for LAN events.
> Not looking for arrogant attitudes. Have an open mind and be ready for a building process. Don’t expect the team to place high in the beginning.
> Have a solid skill base. Try to have a knowledge of map call-outs.
> Be ready to be online for practices on an almost daily basis.
> Any questions msg iCaeto on XBL.

will you be doing halo 4?


Gt: NickiTanyaMinaj

im in

Gt is my DroppinADugan. I wont be back home for about a week and a half, but I’m in.

i would be iinterested, I’ve been playing since the h2 days and have been on a few competitive teams through out h3 and reach days. My GT is Imbrogno send me message I’ll be on tonight once I get back from classes should be Round 6ish eastern time

is this for h4 or MCC ccuz I don’t have an x1