Trying to play with friends

Hey there Spartans I’m looking for friends to play Halo mcc and Halo 5 with i play for fun so i don’t play competitive so if u think i do then ur wasting ur time anyway the on mcc the games i play are Halo Ce,Halo 2,Halo 3, Halo 4,Halo Reach, and firefight on both reach and Halo odst. On Halo 5 i really only play warzone, infection, and customs games so yea on more people is cool enough for me i did this last time and well people were interested but they just ghosted me after a day so tuff luck ig. And no I’m not part of clan or whatever u call them now so don’t ask and don’t invite me to one either. But yea Mic idc I’m here to hopefully meet some cool people play sum social games and have fun even if we win or lose. Well if ur intrested and will not ghost me after one day then my GT is Rankjasonater or drops urs and I’ll add u when i get the chance.

We’re not a clan - we’re a community of friends that play Halo.

Feel free to check us out, we’re on Discord with a link on our main page.
We play all Halos - you’re welcome to come say hello.

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117 Ways To Kill

Hey there. I’d be down to play whenever I’m online.

GT is Skeptic Jester