Trying to Get That Feeling Again...

I’ve lost the joy of Halo and all that stuff. Before I played it I was like, wow OMG that looks really cool while watching multiplayer and campaign videos. I thought this would be a really fun and epic game style but it was good for a while until I noticed all the unfriendly team fighting, yoinking, teabagging, and this unfriendly stuff that just makes me not want to play Halo for a long time. So I’ve lost that sentimental feeling I had towards Halo and I need some advice on how to get it back. I probably just gonna play Batman Arkham City until Halo 4 comes out so i can just play Spartan Ops alone to avoid all the unfriendly stuff. So I now think that Halo is losing its touch but it’s not the game its the people that are unfriendly that ruined it for me. This Spartan will be off helping Batman in Arkham City for the time being most likely until Halo 4 comes out.

Play multiplayer with a good group of people that you know. It makes it much more fun.

> Play multiplayer with a good group of people that you know. It makes it much more fun.


Well if you started off in halo reach that is your problem my friend, halo 2 and halo 3 were awesome and they were what really got the competitive scene of halo going which is why i love them still. My advice is join a halo reach community because there is a rule in my community death row gaming where you may -Yoink!- another member unless they tell you to stop and playing in a group or a full team of friends is great there is two people rushing the sniper rifle and you both argue for who takes it like “no no you can have it your better with it then i am” “no no you can practice with it man”. Stuff like that random generosity makes me smile lol but yeah your best bet is to join a community or wait until halo 4. message me if you want to join DRG on Xbox. :wink:

I started off with CEA which got me hooked so i got into Reach and based on most videos on Reach you don’t get very clear warnings against a lot of unfriendly team play.