Trying to get myself out there. :/

Hi, I would like to find a company made for more skilled and slightly more mature players to join. The last two companies have been terrible. Thanks if anybody invites me :slight_smile:

You looking for a competitive SC?
How skilled are we talking?
I think there are a few SC that are competitive and only accept members of a certain skill rank but youre better off posting in recruitment rather than the general h5 forum section.

Well, our company has pretty much only adults that play every day. There are some really skilled people in the company, you could try making a request to our company leader, there’s a lot of people that aren’t very active and we’re almost at Achilles

I’m Ominous Solace, Infinity Command’s Spartan Lieutenant.
Infinity Command is an active SPARTAN-IV program currently on Halo 5: Guardians. Originally, it was started in late 2013 when Requiem was still hot and crawling with enemy activity. What remains of the crew then are here now to continue Infinity’s mission.

We have just launched our website a few days ago and are now open to applicants for our next class of SPARTANS. Or, if you’d just like to look around our website without all the restrictions, feel free to apply for a Civilian tag on our website. We are accepting Ambassadors from other clans. However we will only be allowing 2 per clan. If you’re seeking an Ambassador position, please specify what clan you wish to represent on the website application.
If you can walk, put your boot on the line. Infinity Command has cleared slipspace and is ready to begin her next campaign!