Truthful insight into ranking, competitive & social play

My son, then aged four, played Halo CE at his step-parents home when it first came out; they sent it home with him. He is a dedicated Halo fan. I, on the other hand, did not play multiplayer online and was not a fan of shooter games until I played Halo Reach. Not long after playing Reach mutliplayer online in late 2010, my son convinced me to play some of the other Halo games online.

I have the rank of Inheritor; I am one of those players who is actually not very skilled. But,I love playing multiplayer!

I have followed the threads about ranking systems and competitive versus social play.

I, too, get annoyed when people in the lobby quit, before the game starts because they are under the mistaken impression that all Inheritors are some how awesome players.I am left saying to the screen, “Damn it, come back, you don’t realize how bad I am.” I just want people to play and enjoy the game.

I know my limitations, that is why I do not play, for example, 4v4 slayer. I do not want to let my team mates down. I personally like team objective game types and, dare I say it, Invasion. I am able to contribute in both those game types and do average but, never feel like I have let the team down.

343, as I am somewhat of a dedicated player but, someone who is not that skilled, I do see the merits in having a properly ranked system. I feel more proud of my Sargent rank and skill level indicator in Halo 3 than I will ever be of my Inheritor Rank in Halo Reach. I earned the Halo 3 rank and play against people of the same skill level.

There needs to be a social and competitive list, with ranks for both, one based on skill like in Halo 3 and one on social play, like in Reach As for points and things, I do not really care, that is for the skilled players to debate. I just love Halo and will play and, do play all of them and will continue to play whatever Halo games come out in the future. But, as a lower leveled skilled player who does like playing against skilled players and recognizes their frustration, their concerns are valid. I support their push for a mixed ranking system which is appealing to all who play Halo, not one section or the other. It will benefit them and me. It will make for a larger and happier community.


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I dont know why, but I seem to agree with everyone with their thoughts on ranking etc.
You are no exception.