Truth, Why halo 5 will be better period.

Because we have Quin del Hoyo and Bravo being PART of the developmnet life of halo 5. They know way more about the complex competative details about halo more than 80% of people haeea on waypoint, myself included even though I have been playing competative halo since 2003. Trust these guys. They know halo and they know alot of the competative community is holding them responsible if halo 5 fails, not 343i as a whole even though it would be the logical thing to do.

My answers to very predictable questions.

“These guys won’t save halo, it is only 2 dudes!”
ME: Yes, no one else would have added 4sk and many balances as much as you think 343i was planning these, they were not, or would have broke something if they were.

“So two guys matter, the rest of 343i don’t?”
ME: Yes, as sad as this sounds. I have yet to hear a good new or opinions and ideas about competative halo other than these two find gentlemen.

“Why are you D riding so hard?”
Because I love halo

“So what if halo 5 isn’t that great with these guys STILL?”
ME: That would be because they have a more traditional view on halo and they will get “out-voted” when it is time to make a major change because 343i wants to be NEW AND FRESH

“Halo isn’t all about multiplayer, so good multiplayer won’t make halo great”
They are are so many people dissapoint if the campaign was OK but the multiplayer was garbage, why do so many people look back on halo 2 when the campaign was really bad

Anyone who disagrees doesn’t know these guys very well, they HAVE the POTENTIAL and the KNOWLEDGE to make halo GREAT. The rest of the crew just has to see their point of view.

I didn’t go back to proof read for grammatical errors or anything like that so don’t bother with the corrections insults.

Plus 343 has an opportunity to learn from all their mistakes and take in community feedback. And they’ll have more experience because this will be their 2nd real game.

i love halo too. Probably the only reason i’ll buy the xbox one next year. not planning on getting it at launch

So many people look back on halo 2’s campaign because it was simply just the best campaign in the franchise. Extremely high replaybility, awesome story, arbiter missions, memorable, great characters, music. Must I go on. Now onto the main point, yes these guys love halo to death, but you answered your own question. There’s only so much they can do, and even then, it’s just multiplayer.

I have no problem with the reclaimer saga’s story/ campaign so far(Except we need Hidden skulls) but I’m concerned with Multiplayer. I Think It’s gonna do much much better this time around.

Multiplayer aspect, this is how i’ll be happy:

-4 shot BR
-working 1-50 ranking system, VISIBLE IN-GAME and day one
-Send JiP to hell
-Ordinances can stay, as long as they only drop ammo, nades, armor abilities, or normal weapons (br, ar, pistol, pp, etc.)
-Make camo a power up again and not an AA
-Competitive and social playlist separation
-Allow us to drop the objective and NOT TO pick it automatically
-More customization
-No load-outs, but make the BR the starting weapon, otherwise, keep the load-outs
-Better and more small-scaled maps

Campaign aspect, just a combination of the Halo 2 and Halo 3 campaign.

That’s how I see halo 5 being better.

And if you think about it, 343 didn’t even have a full team ready till well into Halo 4 was being worked on. And even then, they were still working out the kinks in Halowaypoint and other stuff. Now, they are starting off with a full team to do stuff.

If they move one inch closer to Call of Duty I’m not buying it. Hopefully they learned their lesson with Halo 4 that they aren’t going to steal CoD fans by adding perks and loadouts and weapon drops and grenade indicators and killcams. But honestly I think they’ll probably keep trying to mainstreamize it and add some other feature popular in modern shooters. Probably full on classes or ADS. Ugh.

Yeah, I can only wish for the best Halo game. I just hope they add skulls back into the game, duel weilding, no loadouts, like halo 3 multiplayer, and elites in multiplayer. There’s so much more but I just can’t remember.

> So many people look back on halo 2’s campaign because it was simply just the best campaign in the franchise.

I think its the worst. Still fun though.

On topic. Halo 5 will be a better game because 343i got that first game under their belt and I’m sure they have learned since on what did and didn’t work. They also now have a bunch of player feed back on what are some of the things we want.

Will it better?..

IDK. Give me a second while I charge my time machine.

PS. Expect another wave of time travelers up to H5’s release if the constant ‘Halo 4 will suck’ threads were of any indication.

EDIT: Disregard this message, I misread the title.

If I see one hint of a jetpack in any upcoming trailer, I’m calling it quits for good right then and there.

It would probably be in their best interest to focus on true Halo this time around (including good maps for once) and not gimmicky crap like challenges, armor, and that spartan ops abomination.

Oh, these former MLG players are going to save Halo…

Halo shouldn’t have needed saving, and people said the same thing about Frankie.

I admire your optimism but I think it might be a little premature.

These guys might want a real Halo multiplayer experience in Halo 5, but I doubt they have the control to make those decisions.
If Microsoft wants to take another shot at trying to bait the COD fans into our franchise, which I think they will, then we are all screwed.

Oh and the Halo 2 campaign was amazing, ODST was the worst!

> s.
> If Microsoft wants

The issue isn’t microsoft it is the fanbase.

> > s.
> > If Microsoft wants
> The issue isn’t microsoft it is the fanbase.

Can you elaborate a little?

Not quite sure what you mean, I’m just referring to the control MS ultimately has over the Halo franchise.